Hero WOD: Jerry

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

For time:
Run 1 mile
Row 2K
Run 1 mile

Post time to comments.

Read about Jerry here. Work hard.

Compare to Oct. 3, 2010

  1. Slater says:

    I’d rather Kimba eat a doughnut than suck back on a cancer stick.

  2. Nick says:

    7:20 mile 1
    8:47 2k row
    7:23 mile 2
    Total time 24:30

  3. Kimba says:

    No sucking on cigs for a month now! Done! Absolutely sucking for air at WODs tho! ha Clearing out the lungs… YAY!
    Rarely ever eat doughnuts, and Do-Dah’s is right next door to me at work!

  4. Slater says:

    Nick + anyone who did this WOD = CrossFit Jackson MVP

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