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2013 November 30 WOD

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No yoga today. Only one WOD at 9:00.

800m Run
5 Front Squats (225/155)
200m Run
11 C2B Pull ups
400m Run
12 KBS (heavy)


2013 November 29 WOD

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One WOD today at 1:00


Tabata – 8 Rounds of :20 work, :10 rest at each station:
Row, for Cals
Box Jump (24/20)
DB Push Press (45/30)
Dead lift (225/155)
complete all 8 rounds of rowing before moving to box jumps, and so on…  Score this time will be  total reps for each station.  Report scores as follows: Row: 51, BJ: 77, PP: 64, DL: 48

Extra Work!

4 RFT:

100′ sled sprint, bodyweight

8 Burpees

“The love of God will heal a wounded soul.”

Happy Thanksgiving

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From our family to yours, happy thanksgiving! Let loose and enjoy this day of rest with your real family and come back and see your CFJ family tomorrow at 1:00 or Saturday at 9:00. Jayson and I love and appreciate you all and are thankful for the opportunity to coach you and be a part of your lives in such a huge way. We do not take these relationships for granted and I hope you all feel our passion for your health, happiness and success.


2013 November 27 WOD

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“Open 11.5”
5 Power Cleans (145/100)
10 Toes to Bar
15 Wall Balls

Compare to August 26, 2011


7 sets of:  3 High Hang Snatch High Pulls + 1 Squat Snatch

Notes: Shoulders aching or new to CrossFit? Work movement with clean instead of snatch. Consult with your coach on what our goal is for this session and what you need to work on.

“People go farther than they thought they could when someone else thinks they can.”

2013 November 26 WOD

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400m Run
4 Muscle ups
40 Double unders

Note: Sub 4 strict pull-ups and 4 ring dips per round if unable to do muscle ups.


2 mins max double unders
1 min rest
2 mins max double unders

Compare to October 18, 2013

Note: If you don’t need work on your double unders or if you’ve written off ever getting double unders, spend this time working another skill you need to focus on. Contact a coach if you need some guidance.

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”

2013 November 25 WOD

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AMRAP 7 of:


Power Snatches (115/80)



5 rep max touch and go snatch, any style

“In everything we do, our own thoughts can help us succeed or they can help us fail. Maintain a positive attitude.”

2013 November 23 WOD

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Teams of 3 (one works, two rest)
3 RFT:
50 Power Cleans (135/95)
1500m row (must switch every 250m)

If you’re doing the endurance program, don’t forget to get your 5K run in today or tomorrow.

2013 November 22 WOD

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Wall Balls
EMOM complete 5 deadlifts (225/155)
Start with the wall balls.  Score is number of wall balls complete in 7 minutes.


3 x 30 unbroken Box Jumps (24/20)

“Don’t quit.”

2013 November 21 WOD

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400m run after every round


2 x 10 Back Squats

Supplemental Work – Time Permitting

7 x 2 High Hang Squat Snatch – From pockets

“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

2013 November 20 WOD

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Be sure to keep an eye on the upcoming events and closures link for our holiday schedule and upcoming events!


Tabata: Box Jumps, Sit-ups, Row for Calories, Push-ups

:20 work & :10 rest for 8 cycles at each movement before going to the next movement

Compare to September 12, 2013


Choose one endurance event

Swim: Repeat 250m, recover 3:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Bike: Repeat 3000m, recover 3:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Run: Repeat 1M, recover 4:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Row: Repeat 800m, recover 3:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Ruck: Repeat 1M, recover 3:00 until form/pace deteriorates, 55# Ruck/Boots/Utes

“If you are always talking about your problems, don’t be surprised if you live in perpetual defeat.”