2014 May 12 WOD

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Progenex will be at the gym tomorrow!

Filthy 50’s

50 reps for time of:
Box Jumps (24/20)
Jumping Pull ups
KBS (35/25)
Walking Lunge Steps
Knees to Elbows
Push Press (45/35)
Back Ext.ension
Wall Balls (20/15)
Double Unders

Compare to January 7, 2014



7 unbroken C2B

  1. Nickhayes says:

    2k row

    20″ box steps
    25 small band pull-ups/10 ring rows
    Skipped wl
    Abmat situps
    45# strict press
    Skipped wall balls
    Skipped double unders

    1k row

    Mid 40s
    Rxd except for 10# wb

  2. bigdolan says:

    18″ box for steps and pu’s
    Knees to belly
    Toe kicks

    Burpees nearly killed me

  3. Brian says:

    25″ box jumps
    40# kbs
    Some knees to elbows, some knees to armpits, some a little lower
    25 ghd back extensions, 25 33# good mornings

  4. Kent says:

    20″ box steps (last 40, jumped 1st 10); 15# wb, knee raises; PVC Good mornings/ supermans; Wkicks.

    Compares to 39:40. in Jan, but did 24′ bj, 20# wb.

  5. Tim C says:

    16″ box jumps x 25, 25 box steps; 25# KB, 45# back ext x 10, pvc x 40; 15# WB; knee raises.

  6. Lauren Smith says:


    20″ box
    25 35# KBS and 25 25# KBS
    knees to chest
    150 SU

    I don’t think I’ve ever hated burpees more! Great workout !

  7. ML Day says:

    4 rds
    1 min 1 arm plank
    1 min leg holds

    10 rds
    40 box steps (all black mats stack)
    30 sec AirDyne sprint
    20 walking lunges
    10 air squat (focus on form)
    5 weeks P.O.

  8. Brett says:

    Nice welcome back after a few weeks off. 28:52. a mix os step ups and box jumps. Everything else Rx’d.

  9. Scott Gatlin says:

    24″ box steps, 30 supermans and 20 good mornings, 9′ 20# wallballs. Had to leave after 15 burpees to get to work on time. Did not finish.

  10. jks says:

    20″ box steps, 35# KB, Hanging K2 various, 45# PP, Supermans, 15# WB & Wall Kicks

  11. Lisa Clark says:

    WOD: 34:40
    20″ step ups
    Back ext- 30
    20- GM
    DU attempts but forgot rope so started over and did 50 wall kicks

  12. Dave says:

    33:00 50 reps on first 8 movements. 16″ step ups, 30# KB, laying feet to beam, 33# PP, PVC good mornings, 10# WB. 30 burpees, 60 SU

  13. Sam says:

    20″ all box jumps
    30# KBS
    K2E and a whole-lotta no reps
    33# PP
    All Hip extensions
    15# ball

    Did first set of C2B unbroken… Hands couldn’t take it so I stopped.

  14. Aven says:

    Filthy 50′s: 32:15
    50 reps for time of:
    Box Jumps – 16″
    Jumping Pull ups
    KBS – 25#
    Walking Lunge Steps
    Knees to Elbows – laying toes to bar
    Push Press – 33# bar
    Back Extension- 25 hip extension/ 25 good mornings 15# bar
    Wall Balls – 10#
    Double Unders – wall kicks

    7 unbroken C2B – subbed ring rows

  15. Cara says:


    20″ box steps
    Ring rows
    25# KBS
    No K2E
    33# PP
    Good mornings with PVC
    10# WB
    Only did 25 prego burpees
    No dubs

  16. Leigh says:

    Did lying T2B, but 90% sure I accidentally did 60.

    Oh and hip extensions. Everything else was to standard.

    EMOM was “perfect” pu ring rows

  17. Jennie says:

    5:30 WOD
    All steps
    Half knees to elbows on bar, half laying
    Half hip extensions, half 33# good mornings

    Ran loop post WOD

    Ready to crush Tough Mudder next month!

  18. Timothy Humphries says:

    WOD 44:32
    45# good mornings
    Rx everything else.

    No skill.

  19. Sara M. says:

    Filthy 50′s
    50 reps for time of:
    Box Jumps (20″)
    Jumping Pull ups
    KBS (25#)
    Walking Lunge Steps
    Knees to Pits / Laying Toes to Bar
    Push Press (33#)
    Wall Balls (10#)
    Burpees (bar touching)
    Double Unders

    (10+ min PR from January’s – 42:13!)

    Box Jumps: 20″ Unbroken

    Jumping pull-ups: sets of 10

    KBS: 25# 15/25/30/40/45/50

    Walking lunges: unbroken

    Knees to Pits: did 10 then healing ripped callous started to hurt, so did the rest of the 40 reps as laying toes to bar… Reaching as high up as I could with my feet. Still tough!

    Push press: 33# sets of 10

    Supermans: subbed these for hip extensions as the machines were all full. Held the “Superman” position for 1 sec each rep.

    Wall balls: 10# mostly sets of 10 & 5… Some sets of 6/4

    Bar touching Burpees: sucked! But not as bad as last time… Didn’t feel like I was gonna puke like I did before. 😏

    Double unders : Unbroken! No way was I gonna mess that up….It was time for the WOD to end!😉 lol

    No skill as arms were shot!😲
    I did help Melanie finish her WOD and did 20 burpees + 50 wall kicks with her! 😃 Way to push through it, girl!👊

  20. Jesse G says:

    First 30 reps were K2E, then 20 knees-to-triceps
    All hip extensions
    PR – about 4 minutes faster than in January

  21. Bobby says:

    Step ups
    Some K2Es/some knees to triceps
    Hip extensions
    Everything broken into small sets except for step ups were unbroken.
    A doozy of a wod since bein away for a week. Tons of fun!

  22. Matt Z. says:

    +2:54 from January
    C2B UB 1 round, 5 broken

  23. Brett Christensen says:

    WOD: 31:59 w/ hip ext. down from 33:06 last time.
    C2B EMOM: 6 min x 7 unbroken each time & on the 7th minute I did 8 unbroken to make it an even 50 total.

  24. Ashleigh says:

    WOD: 31:33
    25 jump up/step down, 25 step up/step down, all 20″; 35# KB; supine T2B; hip extensions

    post-WOD: 10 minutes on the Airdyne

  25. Carrie says:

    38:55 Dirty Thirties
    16 ” box steps
    25# kb swings
    laying t2b
    33# push press
    33# good mornings
    10# wall balls
    I hate burpees!
    Wall kicks

  26. Either 26:35 or 28:35
    Step ups 20″
    Super mans sub for back extension
    1/2 floor toes to bar & others k2b bar

    Did 3 miles prewod @ 9:30/mile

    Previous filthy fifty 27:something.

  27. jkb says:

    ‘Filthy 50’s’ in 36:28
    Box jumps – all jumps to 18″
    Jumping pull up from 12″ box
    KBS 25lbs
    Walking lunge
    Laying t2b
    Push Press 33lbs
    Good mornings 33lbs…may regret this 2moro
    Wall Balls 15lbs
    Burpees…relocated to nearest fan several times doing these… Heat was brutal!
    50 DU’s – completed in 4 efforts…pretty pumped.
    …trimmed 17sec off January time while increasing 16″ to 18″ box & 10lb to 15lb WB.

    Post WOD: EMOM x5
    5 UB chin2bar- used big green band.

  28. Anthony Bosse says:

    Mixed box step ups and jumps everything else rx’d

  29. stefgatlin says:

    All Rx except back ext – subbed good mornings with 33# bar – unbroken
    Used 30# KB bc the 25#s were taken.

    K2E nearly killed me…lots of no reps but finally got all 50 to my elbows. Who knew these were harder than T2B?!?!
    The heat/humidity was brutal today!

  30. Brandy says:

    20″ Step ups
    jumping Pullups
    25# KB
    walking lunges touched the floor (have the bruises to prove it)
    laying T2B
    33# bar for PP…i did first 25 as a Shoulder Press
    hip extentions
    15# wallballs ( this is when I thought I was going to die)
    burpees (tried to find a breeze at a door…couldn’t find one)
    DUs (8/22/20)

    2 miles on Airdyne…(slow…legs only)

    DRINK MORE WATER!! It’s going to be a hot summer…

  31. Megan says:

    29:59 rxd
    Some were knees to bows some were to triceps
    Hooooooottttt !

    Ran the loop once

  32. Melanie says:

    Filthy 50′s – completed in 44:19
    50 reps for time of:
    Box Jumps (12″)
    Jumping Pull ups
    KBS (20#)
    Walking Lunge Steps
    Toes to bar from floor
    Push Press (33#)
    Superman extensions
    Wall Balls (6-7lbs)
    Wall kicks

  33. Kim says:

    20″ Box steps
    25#kb swing was forehead height
    Laying T2B
    RR for pp
    25-33# good mornings & 25 superman for BE
    10# WB

  34. Joy says:

    50 reps for time of:


    Box Jumps: 20″ (step ups)
    Jumping Pull ups
    KBS: 15#
    Walking Lunge Steps
    Knees to Elbows: (knee raises)
    Push Press: 33#
    Back Extension: Good Mornings
    Wall Balls: 7#
    Double Unders: wall kicks

  35. Shea says:

    Did DU before burpees on accident
    30# kb

  36. Tanya says:

    done Sat 5/17

    30:41 (2:30 over PR)
    1/2 box steps, half jumps 20″
    30# kb
    K2E weak, few reps touched tris or no touch at all.

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