2014 October 21 WOD

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Odd: 15-20 Cals on Bike
Even: 10-15 Ring Dips (or movement of your choice)

Additional Work

5 SLOW rounds of:
3 Strict HSPU
6 Strict TTB
12 Air Squats
18 Cal Row
focus on perfect positions

  1. Nickhayes says:

    Prewod 2.5k row 12:53/124c

    5 slow rounds

    Postwod 2k row 10:28/103c


    3k row prewod

    Slow 5 rounds

    2k postwod

  2. Lucas Holland says:

    20 min emom
    cals on bike- 20,20,20,20,20,20,20,19,20,18
    Ring dips-10

  3. Shea says:

    EMOM 20-rowing for cal/ring dips
    Rowing 10-12 cal & RD 9-11 (mostly assisted w/feet, but full range & slow negatives on all) per round
    Additional-Got 3 rounds minus the row on the last round (worked negatives w/out abmat on HSPU)

  4. MarkDGoff says:

    102 reps/150 Cal

    completed additional work
    1 abmat on strict HSPU
    rest rx

  5. Brett Christensen says:

    Airdyne Cals: 20/16/17/15/15/15/15/15/15/15
    Ring Dips: 13/11/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/9
    Additional work all done. Focusing on keeping the legs straight through the strict T2Bs

  6. Blake Taylor says:

    126 cal
    111 rd / BD

    Additional work:

  7. Ashleigh says:

    pre-WOD: strength from 10/20: 115#

    Airdyne: 10 each round but last round was 12 (thought this was 10-15 cals/minute.. listening skills lacking again)
    alternating RD/GHDs: cals: 10 each round but last round was 12
    rx’d RD/GHDs: 10/12/7/15/8/15/5/13/12 pushups/13

    additional work completed: rd. 1: two abmats, 2-5: one abmat; 4 & 5: supine T2B

  8. Wilks says:

    15 cal across on bike
    10 ring dips for first 6 rounds then substituted 10 push-ups for the last 4 rounds.
    Additional work completed, but not strict on the HSPU or T2B.

  9. Matt Z. says:

    Reverse order
    15 cal/10 dips per round

  10. Bo says:

    Reverse order Odd 1st minute 15 reps then last 9 sets at 10 ring dips
    Even: 20 calorie row for all

  11. Tanya says:


    RD/abmat butterfly situps alternating
    8rx’d/26/9 mix of rx’d & toe assist/25/11 neg/25/10 neg/25/9 neg/25
    bike 15/14/15/12/13/12/12/12/13/17

    additional work x 3 rds
    HSPU slow neg to 1 abmat, focus on tight hollow body
    TTB-first attempt at these. no swing. took a few to figure it out. focused on active shoulders, scalps at top. need to add keeping legs straighter
    200 m run

  12. jkeel 40/5'9/175ish says:

    Row for calories/push ups
    total: 165/155

    3 rounds for quality post wod. Subbed 18 ring rows for rowing. Had to get to kids game.

  13. Bobby says:

    100 ring dips/push-ups. Split into 10s
    150 calories on bike. Split into 15s
    Did ring dips first four sets. Push-ups for the rest.

    Post WOD work: all five sets. Could have done TTB better… Pretty sloppy. Need to get stronger. Otherwise RXd.

    Strength: FS 6×6 @ 135/165/185/195/205/205

  14. Joy says:

    Odd: 15-20 Cals on Bike
    Even: 10-15 Ring Dips: worked on strict PUs off a box
    Didn’t keep up w/ my Cals or the PUs just happy to complete

    5 SLOW rounds of:
    3 Strict HSPU: A-Frame w/ one ab mat
    6 Strict TTB: knees to baby
    12 Air Squats
    18 Cal Row: Rowed 3 rds but never 18 cals, due to pain & tenderness in abdomen

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