Update from our friend, Amy Fritz

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

As several of you know, one of our members and friends, Amy Fritz, has been helping her husband battle cancer. He was diagnosed over the summer. We recently supported them in a 5K and took up donations to help them through this difficult time. We greatly appreciate everyone that helped with those 2 outreach opportunities. Amy sent us a thank you card, which is posted on the side board.

She sent us this update so I thought we should share…and celebrate!

“Thanks to all of you for all your prayers.  Dan’s CAT scan results have shown phenomenal improvement.  The spots in the liver have “dissolved away” (to quote his oncologist Dr. Jag).  The tumor in the pancreas is much reduced and like almost not there.  His tumor marker numbers are down to 50 (47 is considered disease free)!!!  When he started he was at 2400.   Dr. Jag wants to continue for 6 more weeks but has eliminated one of the more toxic chemo drug.  This is the drug that made Dan sensitive to cold and gave him numbness.  He has gained about 4 lbs. and his body fat has increased to 7.0% (up from 4.0%).  He is still below normal but getting better.  His platelets were low but not as low as they have been.  So, things are looking great!!
He starts round 7 of chemo in about 30 minutes and I’ll be there with him.  Keep praying!!  God is great and merciful!!”

  1. Pete M says:

    Great news, Jennie! Please tell Amy and Dan they are in my prayers.

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