2014 November 19 WOD

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Odd: 3 Pause Front Squats at 50% of 1RM, :05 second hold at rock bottom (focus on good positioning)
Even: 40 Double unders
Odd: 2 High Hang Squat Cleans (pockets) at 70% of 1RM
Even: 40 Double unders
Odd: 1 Squat Clean at 90% of 1RM
Even: 40 Double unders


8×4 Front Squats, across

“Most of your excuses are traceable to a fear of criticism, not a fear of failure.”

  1. Bo says:

    185 FS/ 225 HHSC/ 275 SC failed 1st and 3rd sets of SC. All DU completed.

    8×4 FS 275lbs

  2. Justin Harrison says:

    Pause FS 125
    High Hang SC 145
    Squat Clean 195
    Completed all DU…barely

  3. jks says:

    DUs 20 1st rnd / 12 x 8 rnds
    at least 2 singles for each DU
    FS 165 x 2, 145 x 5

  4. Rachael says:

    93 FS,103 HHSC, 133 SC

    Attempted DU for almost all of each minute but only got about 20 successfully completed each minute (lots of single unders and failed DU)

  5. Megan says:

    Loop run /10 hang cleans /40dus
    400 run/10 hang cleans / 40dus
    400 run/10hang cleans/40dus

    14:48 95# hangs unbroken

  6. MarkDGoff says:

    front squat 105#
    DU attempts for 30 sec

    high hang squat clean 115#
    DU attempts for 30 sec

    squat clean 145#
    DU attempts for 30 sec

    8×4 front squat 135#

  7. Lucas Holland says:

    5 sec pause fs – @145 all du’s unbroken
    hhsc – @175 du’s unbroken
    sc – @215 du’s 2rd unbroken 1st & 3rd broken
    FS 8×4 across @225 with 10 ghdsu after each set

  8. Ashleigh says:

    WOD: 95#/105#/135#; dubs rx’d
    these weights felt light but were rx’d percentages so…

    strength: 155# HBBS

  9. Marcia Jo says:

    65# FS with pause
    DU attempts
    80# high hang squat cleans
    DU attempts
    95# squat clean
    DU attempts

    85# FS

  10. jkeel 40/5'9/175ish says:

    Another awesome day of training!

    Still nursing a hitch in my get along.

    95# for first EMOM
    all DB’S unbroken

    115# for second EMOM
    All DB’s unbroken

    135# for third EMOM
    All DB’s unbroken!!

    I did Glute Ham Raises in place of FS. 4×4

  11. Brett Christensen says:

    1st EMOM: 150lbs
    DUs: 23/36/21 very sloppy couldn’t find my rogue rope so I went back to my rx rope and it took awhile to get right
    2nd EMOM: 180lbs all unbroken
    DUs: 40/40/40
    3rd EMOM: 230lbs
    DUs: 40/40/40
    FS 5 x 4: 245 Across

  12. Matt Z. says:

    255 FS

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