2015 January 9 WOD

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Great article for all of our athletes that are no longer in their 20’s and 30’s, but still want to stay on track with health and fitness. Let us know your thoughts!


15 Snatches (75/55)
15 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 Snatches (95/65)
15 Box Jumps
15 Snatches (115/80)
15 Box Jumps
15 Snatches (135/95)
15 Box Jumps
AMRAP Snatches (155/105)


24-21-18-15-12-9-6-3 unbroken wall balls for time at 30/20

  1. Kent says:

    The article about training as it relates to age is a home run. I’m into my third year of CF at age age 52, and I’ve learned via experience about limits, rest and recovery. It takes discipline to “not over do it” as much or more as the challenge of the WOD itself. Proper Rest and recovery will allow me to continue to Enjoy the this wonderful experience and the Cf family!

  2. Kent says:

    Metcon: 120: 33/53/63/63

    Skill: 12:45, 15# wb.

  3. stefgatlin says:

    Metcon – 90 Rx
    failed at 95# – should’ve just gone up to 90#

    Wall Balls – 9:12 @15#

  4. Cara says:

    Snatches at 35# for each round
    20″ box steps
    2:05 w/10# WB 12/9/6/3

  5. Lucas Holland says:

    7×2 dead lifts @385
    100 db snatchs @70 – 7:08
    10min emom 1 rep back squat @325
    Metcon – 120rx’d

  6. John Phillips says:

    100 reps 65/75/85/95

    Wall Balls
    8:51 15lb

  7. Ashleigh says:

    91 – 55/65/90/105; jump up/step down, all UB. i wondered why snatches got so heavy, so fast. yeah bc i added the wrong plates. gah. math is hard.

    snatches at 90 & 105 were split.

    • Kim says:

      And you were hurrying me to start the clock when you could have been double checking your math. I do love you and all;);)♡

  8. Bo says:

    141 reps 21 @155lbs
    Double under/Row 100/200/80/400/60/600/40/800/20/1000

  9. Rachael says:

    101- 55/65/85/95; step up/step down on the box

  10. ME says:

    PC @ 55,65,75,75
    Box step ups

  11. Tim C says:

    Metcon: 100 Reps: 75/85/95/ 10 reps at 105.
    Box jumps first 15 then step ups/ downs
    Wall Balls: ~9:00 start time, 20# ball

  12. jks says:

    90 Reps 75/85/95 24″ Box Steps
    Wall Balls 13:34 w 20# Ball

  13. Shea says:

    Metcon: 100 reps
    50/60/70/80# (10 reps @ 80–all were squat snatches); 20″ box-all step ups
    Skill work: 7:56 w/15# ball
    Enjoyed seeing you all this AM!

  14. Ashleigh says:

    y’all, i’m in loooooove with A Girl Worth Saving. she posts awesome Paleo/GF recipes.
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/AGirlWorthSaving?fref=nf
    Site: http://www.agirlworthsaving.net/

    she posted some free (!!!) Kindle edition Paleo cookbooks. she does this a lot and i’ve gotten some good recipes. 🙂

  15. Justin Harrison says:

    Metcon- 96 reps Rx

    Wall balls- made it through 24-21-18-15 with 30# before work

  16. Kate says:

    100 RX
    Wall balls 15# I think it was about 10 minutes but I forgot to mark down what time I started. 20# was not working well after that WOD

  17. Scott Guthrie says:

    Metcon: 123 reps
    65-75-95-115-125#; 24″ box-all step ups
    Skill work: 6:02 w/20# ball
    Ran 8 miles yesterday with 14h of recovery. Legs trashed.

  18. Kim says:

    103 reps
    16″ box jump up step down. Only box not taken.
    Skillz: 8:35 w/10#
    Full ROM and hit target every rep

  19. Snatch 33,40,45,50
    Box 12″

    Total reps: 102

    WB 13:04 10#

  20. MarkDGoff says:

    total 126
    65#, 75#, 85#, 95#, 115# max

    11:52 complete 20# WB

  21. Dave says:

    100 total 75 was the heaviest, 16″ box
    19 wall balls unbroken, then 10 unbroken…done 20# ball

  22. Sam says:

    105 Rx. All box jumps.
    12:33 20lb ball, there’s a hand full that prob didn’t touch the wall bc my legs became soooo freaking tight.

  23. Boxx (aka the newest Tim) says:

    1st metcon in 10 days. Thanks to the flu.
    101 reps. 65# ps for all. 20″ bj.

  24. Jess says:

    Metcon: 121 reps
    Power cleans instead of snatches, right shoulder been aching. 20″ box steps
    Skills: 7:42, 14# ball

  25. Megan says:

    Metcon: 95 rxd
    -First set unbroken /all jumps
    -Second 3 sets of 5 / step up down
    -3rd had 10s on bar still and couldn’t drop from top took a little extra time 😁 or I just moved slow haha

    Wall balls : 16 ish mins took lots of breaks during high reps and didn’t make it to top of white for at least 12 total reps

  26. luke says:

    Form broke down on 135 snatches – stopped with about 1:30 to go

    WBs – 7:50

  27. Sara M. says:

    Mod WOD
    *subbed one armed KB snatches

    126: 10/15/20/25/30
    (kinda awkward at first as it’s been a while, but I got the hang of it! Had to start low due to increasing weight since I’ve never repetitively one armed snatched 30lbs before… 30 was definitely my max!😲💪 Had to do a dumbbell for that weight.)
    All box jumps (these felt good tonight!👍)

    Did squat jumps with 15# bar following same unbroken pattern (it got rough in 21-15 range…😲)

    Post WOD
    Mobility (15 min)
    Legs & pec

  28. Melanie says:

    AMRAP 12: 114 reps
    15 Snatches (53#)
    15 Box Jumps (16)
    15 Snatches
    15 Box Jumps
    15 Snatches
    15 Box Jumps
    15 Snatches
    15 Box Jumps
    Worked on wall balls but arms hurt from WOD so I stopped early.
    Also wanted to attach a short article on calorie myths we should stop believing.

  29. MaryLawson Day says:

    Up late so slept in to get my requisite 7hrs!
    Ran later in day.
    Tip for day:
    Tulum shredded beef!! None of their food has artificial anything. During Whole30, I’ve been buying 16oz every two days. Great place to eat if trying to eat out clean.

  30. Carrie says:

    Wod – 92 reps
    snatches – 33/43/53/63
    Box jumps – 16″
    Skill work – 14:14 with 7# wb. Shocked I even did it all.

  31. Elisabeth says:

    Metcon: 123 @ #35
    18″ box step ups

    Skills: 12:15 w/#10 ball

  32. Marcia Jo says:

    93 reps; 55# for all snatches except 18 of them, did 65# on those 18. Step-ups.

    Attempted the extra work. My quads and shoulders were on fire. Did 24, then did 12 several times in a row, couldn’t get to 21 unbroken. Next time.

  33. Jennie says:

    100 rx’d
    stepped entire time, really helped keep heart rate down for snatches
    working specifically on better setup and 1st pull

  34. Margaret Everette says:

    120 15# bar snatches, 20″ box steps
    4:37 wall ball time – Started at 15 and continued down to 3 unbroken wall balls with 4-6# ball

  35. jkeel 40/5'9/175ish says:

    119 reps rx’d
    I did box jumps until the 135# round of jumps and started stepping after 8 jumps. I think I could have gotten a few more reps with stepping.

    Wallball: 7:41 (I think) 20#

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