2015 January 29 WOD

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
Metcon – Hero: “Michael”

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back or Hip Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Compare to February 21, 2012

Lieutenant Michael McGreevy lost his life in Operation Red Wing as a member of Seal Team 10. If you’ve never read or watched Lone Survivor, I recommend it.

  1. Nickhayes says:

    Prewod 2k row 10:31/106c

    1k row
    25 Abmat sit ups
    25 back extension

    Postwod 2k row 10:32/105c

    Prewod 2k row

    1k row
    25 back extension
    25 sit ups

    Postwod 15 minutes elliptical

  2. Powerhouse says:

    400 m run
    50 MG
    10-40 MG-BE
    25 – 25 BE-SM

  3. stefgatlin says:

    33# GM&SM for back ext
    Sit ups with 15# ball (rds 1&3 all with weight, rd 2 half with/half without)
    Perfect running weather! Awesome start to the day!

  4. Cara says:


    800m run x 2, rowed last round
    Back extensions – GHDs first round, supermans for 2nd and 3rd round
    Abmat sit-ups

  5. Kate says:

    First two rounds did half back extensions, half good weighted good mornings. Third round all weighted good mornings

  6. Bo says:

    21:41 hip ext

  7. JCC says:


    25 GMs & 25 SMs

  8. Megan says:

    31:22 rxd
    -5 mins over from march of last years time

    First 800 3:31
    -All back ext on ghd toooookk foooorrrrever ! Was really focusing on the snake down snake up
    – 15# sit ups
    – ran an extra 800 after

  9. Margaret Everette says:

    23:37 400m, 200m, 200m, 50gm,sm, 25gm, 25he,gm, 50, 25, 25 su

  10. Marcia Jo says:

    Metcon: 30:37
    800m, 600m, 600m
    15 HE, 15 GM, 20 superman each round
    50 sit ups each round


  11. Bryce Miller says:


    400 meter run, 50 good mornings, 50 sit-ups.
    400 meter run, 25 super mans, 25 sit-ups.
    400 meter run, 25 good mornings, 50 sit-ups.

  12. Brandy says:

    So I just got a reality check…looked at some of my times in the past. PR was 21:19…ain’t no why. WOW…what has happened to me? UGH…I was just going to shoot for under 30 minutes for today…and it said I went running with Jennie downtown at lunch. I think I better step my game up…

    • Brandy says:

      that’s…ain’t no way…not why.

    • Brandy says:

      29:00…well it’s under 30 minutes. Did Supermans and Abmat situps. Rd 1 and 3…jogged the entire time. Turtle pace but I didn’t stop. First time running that far and not having awful foot pain. Thanks Wilks! The Lacrosse ball on my calf has done wonders!!

      So here’s my Tip for the Day:

      It’s crazy how the body works. I have had some upper hip pain in my back for over a year. Come to find out my lower back was a little out of line and was putting pressure on my hip flexors. And this was causing my back pain. While I was there for that I just mentioned to Wilks that my foot hurts alot. Especially when I run or do burpees or DoubleUnders. And when it starts hurting…I stop. I just can’t take it. I don’t like pain. So this pain has really made me lose alot of ground. I just thought I was getting old and having foot problems. I wish I had went to see about it before last month. It’s really sad that all I have really needed to do was do some moblizing on my calf so my foot wouldn’t hurt. Not to say that this will be everyone’s case but it never hurts to go see someone like Wilks or Stephanie Lamb. I’ve heard great things about her from Jennie and Mary Lawson. So my advise…if something is holding you back from being at your best, go see about it. You never know…you just might need to be stretching something out.

  13. No WOD for me today-
    Ran a little over 1 mile, about 1.1, and walked total of 45 minutes activity
    Did the 50 sit-ups at home
    Mobilized hips, shoulders

  14. Jennie says:

    26:04 with lunch class in the beautiful 60° weather!

    Superman rd 1
    hip extension rd 2
    33# good morning rd 3

    Abmat sit-ups all 3 rounds outside

  15. Ashleigh says:

    at noon: 4.01 miles (37:52, 9:27 pace)

  16. Tanya says:

    25 back ext each rd, then rd1-25 SMs, rd2-25 33# GMs, rd3-25 SMs
    Abmat sit-ups, mostly butterfly

    1 mi bike cool down ~4ish min

    Big 6am class today very cool!

    25 min mobility-lax ball to thoracic, yoga/stretching @ home

  17. MarkDGoff says:

    Metcon 26:14
    50 hip ext.
    50 sit ups

  18. Shea says:

    all back ext and abmat sit-ups (mostly butterfly)
    15 min of mobility–lax ball to arches of feet/pro-stretch, t-spine/overhead position stretching, then some hip stuff

  19. Jess says:

    active rest day
    20 mins mobility
    slow paced 2K row, just under 10 mins

  20. Lucas Holland says:

    23:09 hip ext.

  21. Monte says:


    100 Hip Ext, 50 Superman

    Nice day, thankful for LT. McGreevy

  22. Tim C says:

    Rnd 1 800m run, 50 GM, 50 Sit ups
    Rnd 2 800m run, 25 GM, 25 SM, 50 Sit ups
    Rnd 3 800m run, 25 GM, 25 SM, 50 Sit ups

  23. Matt Z. says:

    5 back extension/rest cycle

  24. Barbara B says:

    Metcon: 27:56
    400m, 200m, 200m row
    50 GM #15, 25 HE, 25 GM 15#
    50, 25, 25 sit ups

  25. Bill B says:

    Metcon: 31:18
    800m, 600m, 400m row
    50 GM #33 x3
    50, 45, 40 sit ups

  26. MaryLawson Day says:

    Did good mornings with #33 bar
    All else same

    Post Wod Stephanie Smith Theraputic PAIN!

    My tip:
    Encourage someone. Look for something positive to tell someone. It’s a boost to you and them.

  27. Stephani Davis says:

    Metcon 28:03
    30 good morning/ 20 SM
    Row 3rd round

  28. Patrick M says:

    my offsite WOD. I’m still taking my firefighter II (64 hour class) which consists of a Tuesday and Thursday night 6 o’clock to 1030. we were in full turnout gear breathing on tank air performing search and rescue completely blacked out in a mock building. we are searching for victims. as we find that we must follow the hose and drag them out to safety. everything is in a confined space you may have to breach a wall/rafter. everything is on your hands and knees. you could even stand up if you try. it pretty much sucks but fun at the same time. each bottle we consume pulls 2 liters of fluid from your body because the air is so dry and filtered. you must stay hydrated. it’s a hell of a workout. I am the oldest guy taking this course. I seem to out perform everybody in the group so my instructor has chose me to be the team leader which is an honor. I do believe the short time I’ve been at CrossFit about 3 months has already gave me enough conditioning to perform at a higher level. I would like to just to thank everybody at CrossFit for their support and I hope to continue to improve.

  29. Sara M. says:

    Completed 1/30/15

    Metcon – Hero: “Michael”
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    50 Supermans
    50 Sit-ups

    Hooray for a normal scaled WOD! 🎉😃👏 lol!
    (First 800m in 4:50 – 15 sec faster than my 800m for time 11 days ago👍)

    Ironic how I posted an article today about needing to run more… Thanks for having me do this WOD today, Jennie!👍 Happy my knee held it together enough to be able to do all 3 rds of 800m. 😊 All the recent leg work must be strengthening it…

  30. Heather M says:

    Forgot to log yesterday!
    800m/superman/HD/hip ext/Su

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