2015 January 31 WOD

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Please note: there will be only 1 class today at 9:00. We will have yoga at 8:00, but no 10:30 class.


3 RFT:
75 Double Unders
50 Air Squats
25 Cal Row/Bike or 400 meter run


5×5 Bench Press
Compare to last 5×5 January 29, 2014
2 rep max on July 28

  1. Robert says:

    MetCon: 16:33
    150 single unders
    50 air squats
    25 cal bike

    5×5 bench press

    Group yoga.
    Partner stunting practice.
    Nice little Saturday.

  2. Patrick M says:

    Strength ring rows and ring holds

  3. Powerhouse says:

    Been doing wall kicks trying to improve DU so subbed wall kicks for DUS
    biked first round ran 2nd round

    Loved Megan as coach today!!😄

  4. Bobby says:

    WOD: 11:47 RX – first 75 ub

    5×5 BP: 135/155/155/175×3/155×7

    King King: 6:15 – scaled
    3 RFT
    1 DL – 315#
    2 Ring MUs
    3 Cleans – 205# PCs – last 2, squat cleans
    4 Strict HSPU

  5. Matt Z. says:

    First run King Kong – 6:23 – ugly clean form

  6. Lucas Holland says:

    Metcon 11:53
    5 rm thuster @175
    5×5 bp @195 across

  7. Kate says:


  8. Boxx says:


    18:40 should have gutted out all du’s

  9. Sara M. says:

    3 RFT:
    75 Double Unders
    50 Air Squats
    400m run

    18:48 (Pretty sure, but not 100% sure that was my time… Should have took a pic. Oh well. I know was close to that time)

    Post WOD
    Pec PT mobility (banded, weighted, foam roller stretches)

  10. Ashleigh says:

    WOD: 14:47, 400m run (PR from 6-18-14)

    post-WOD: abs

  11. Kent says:

    Ran the bike trails at Union U for 55 minutes.

  12. Kimberley Goff says:

    I posted on the FB page, but Aldi has bacon with no sugar for $3.49

  13. stefgatlin says:

    Solo afternoon run. Perfect cloudy weather!
    4 miles 8:46/mi pace

  14. Scott Guthrie says:

    Long run Saturday.
    15 miles at 9:16 pace.

  15. Jesse G says:

    4 mile run
    8:36/mi pace
    8:41 / 8:53 / 8:39 / 8:06

    15 min mobility session for legs/spine post-run

  16. Bryce Miller says:


    So I love fish, and salmon ranks up there with some of my favorites! Really there are a pile of do this, do that recipes out there. My favorite is super basic and lets the flavor of the fish stand out!

    Take a 12oz or so slab of salmon and leave the skin on!! Get the pan nice and hot with olive oil. Place the fillet face down at first for about 3/4 min. Carful to move it around a bit so it dosnt stick. Let it brown up!
    Flip it to the skin side down for the longer time…
    Lower the temp a bit, and let the fish cook through, this is important not to flip the filet to much as it will break up!
    Then, simply take some crushed Cayanne pepper and other Cajun seasonings to taste and sprinkle it over the filet!!

    Plate, and enjoy!

  17. Rachael says:

    15:46…400 m run and 100 singles/DU attempts.

  18. Melanie says:

    Paleo banana pecan waffle recipe


    Made these Sunday morning. Didn’t put the pecans or the pumpkin spice but they tasted great. The hubby even said he liked them. Also had several left over to have for breakfast for the rest of the week. Just freeze and pop them in the toaster.

  19. Jess says:

    Did on Sunday w/ Melanie in my garage
    we did 25 burpees instead of run/row
    We also shared the rope

  20. Kim says:

    I did this on 1/28 @ home
    14:13 my best effort as rxd
    No strength.

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