2015 February 16 WOD

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12 minutes to work up to a heavy or 1 rep max Clean and Jerk

Metcon (20 minute time cap)

4 RFT:
10 OHS (135/95)
50 Double unders
10 Deadlifts (225/155)
50 Double unders

Skills/Strength – Time permitting

Work on your snatch:
3×3 at 60%
3×2 at 70%
2×1 at 75%
2×1 at 80%
3×1 at 85%
2×1 at 90%

  1. stefgatlin says:

    Happy Snow/Ice Day!! Thanks for coming in so we could WOD, Tanya!!
    Snatch work – 53/63/68/73/78/83
    Metcon – 14:45 or 15:45, can’t remember
    63# OHS, 133# DL, 20 dubs each time
    I got 19 unbroken dubs twice…that might be a PR for me. Not all squats were low enough and dropped all DL from top.

  2. Shea says:

    I’m on my way to the gym to coach the 8:30a class.

  3. Lucas Holland says:

    Snatch – 105/120/125/135/145/155
    C&J same % as snatch 145/165/175/185/200/215
    Metcon – 13:01 rx’d

  4. Tim C says:

    Metcon: 14:?? I think cant remember. 225# for DL, 45# OHS, wall kicks and some single unders.
    C&J 95/95/135/135/155. Thanks Tanya for the coaching on the C&J and being there this morning!

  5. MarkDGoff says:

    Clean and Jerk
    135#, 155#, 165#, 175# PR!!

    75# OHS
    2 x SU
    180# DL
    2 x SU

    3 x 3 75#
    3 x 2 90#
    2 x 1 100#

    Did my first bar muscle up (video on facebook) as well as my first ring muscle up. (No video on rings but two witnesses )

    That Shea for opening up and Monte for doing his first bar muscle up that made me decide to try.

  6. Sara M. says:

    Thanks for opening the box for the 8:30 class, Shea! 😃

    Just worked on my power cleans. (No jerks) Getting this pec back in shape! Worked up to 85#… (1 RM is 105) Felt pretty good. We shall see how the muscle feels tomorrow. 🙏

    Metcon (20 minute time cap)
    4 RFT:
    10 FS (from ground – 65#)
    50 Double unders
    10 Deadlifts (65#)
    50 Double Unders

    Dang those dubs about killed me! Ugh!😝😲 But I got through them… Barely! Lol

    Did pec PT mobility during the 15 min skills/strength session (no snatches for me yet).

    Saw some awesome PR’s (Kimberley😃) and first time bar muscle ups! Monte and Mark were in BEASTMODE today!😃💪 Way to go, guys!👊

    • Sara M. says:

      Oh and I posted my tip of the day on CFJ’s FB page, but I’ll do a quick blurb here as well.

      SAMs Club has Roasted Garlic Cauliflower that appears to be Paleo in the frozen section. It’s the Path of Life brand.

      Ingredients: cauliflower, extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, parsley, sea salt.

      Just a tip for anyone who wants to give it a try! Not very often you find something in the frozen section that has olive oil in it along with other simple well-known ingredients.

    • Thanks Sara!
      It was a good day all around 😀

  7. Kate says:

    The recipe for the spicy avocado cream is awesome! Good combination with the grilled pineapple too


  8. C&J 45,50,55,60,65,70- new PR!

    OHS 22#
    75# DL

    Snatch work
    45#, did a couple of sets

    Still recovering from sinus crud, but felt good to be back and able to work!

  9. Boxx says:

    C+J 155 good form. 175 PC, FS, then jerk.
    Metcon 17:56. 75 OHS, 185 DL. Went to 30 DU’s after first round.

  10. Kim says:

    53# OHS all ub
    95# DL (could have lifted more, LB feeling good-want to keep it that way:))
    No snatch work. Did strength from Wed 2/11.

  11. Jesse G says:

    C&J – 135/135/155/175/185/195(PR!)/200f/200f
    Got the power clean both times at 200(tied previous PR) but couldn’t stick the jerk. Push jerk up to 155, then split jerk starting at 175

    Metcon – 3 rds + 10 OHS + 25 DU + 3 DL at 20:00 time cap
    85# OHS
    25 DU per set (instead of 50)
    185# DL
    Tried to scale DUs to an amount I could finish. Just missed it.

    Power Snatch – Worked up to 130 (+10 PR!)
    3×3 – 75#
    3×2 – 85#
    2×1 – 90#
    2×1 – 95#
    Then climbing singles – 100/105/110/115/120/125(PR)/130(PR)/135f

  12. Kate says:

    Jerks are not my strong suit! 115#

    65# OHS
    RX DL

    Mobilized post WOD for a few minutes- did more at home. Rolled out shins, feet, hamstrings

    Thanks Todd for coming so we could WOD!

  13. Marcia Jo says:

    Skill/strength: 105# C&J PR!

    Metcon: 19:10
    Did 8 55# OHS, they did not feel good so I went to front squats; that was a super light weight, but here we are
    Did 20 double unders which took me 3 years so I went to wall kicks
    135# DL
    Wall kicks again

    Not my best tonight.

  14. Brandy says:

    Got 135# C&J. So excited! Could not even clean 125 several weeks ago. I got 140# on clean… It was ugly and didn’t make the jerk. Should have. Wasn’t setup right for jerk.

    19:40 on Metcon
    65# OHS and 135# DL

    DUs weren’t very good tonight. Had a cramp in my right foot after first round. So did a lot of wall kicks because cramp was messing up my rhythm. Awful tonight…

  15. Bryce Miller says:

    Eating clean for this challenge has been great! Flavor does not have to be at a minimum either! Like most things, eating right has to be maintainable and if the flavor is not there, then you won’t stick it out.

    Here is a sight that speaks of a dry rub for meats that fits the bill! We have added these spices to a lot of dishes, but for some reason we have not pre-made up a dry rub like this for the meats. Hey it saves time! Check it out!

  16. Brett Christensen says:

    No C&Js
    Metcon: 20:00 Rxd just barely finished after a very minimal warm up. Played the safe than sorry card today and didn’t really turn it on or feel good about it till round 4
    Snatch Work:
    2 * 3 @ 60% = 120lbs
    3 * 2 @ 70% = 140lbs
    2 * 1 @ 75% = 145lbs
    2 * 1 @ 80% = 155lbs
    3 * 1 @ 85% = 165lbs
    2 * 1 @ 90% = would’ve been 175lbs. I tried to get back to this after talking to the 6:30 class, but I wasn’t warm enough and failed many times. Tried to warm back up w/ 135 and failed again so I called it at that. You win this time Monday.

  17. Matt Z. says:

    275 C&J
    285 F
    13:40 – no energy, dial up carb intake
    155-195 snatch work, no fails, some ugly

  18. Megan says:

    Clean and jerks
    Worked up to 145# power clean and jerk then went up to 155# got under it twice and sat in the bottom with squat clean but couldn’t get out of it these were off today and there usually my jam! So dropped and squat cleaned and jerked 145# two more times ughhhhhhh

    Metcon fought and stomped around with dubs tonight they took forever ! 10 reps into the last 50 dubs at 20 min then finished it out .
    OHS 75# 3 RDs unbroken 1 rd 6/4
    DLS 155# felt great and moved faster then normal

  19. Patrick M says:

    off site wod
    1 structure fire & 100 burpees.

  20. (on 2/17) C&J 145#…. I need to work on getting UNDER the bar in the clean.

  21. ktrainer23 says:

    RM on Clean and jerk is 105. I didn’t separate my legs.

    Time: 18:51
    OHS- 65
    DL- 115
    Finished 4 rounds, but I accidentally skipped the last DL and in place did another set of OHS.
    Completed all double unders but most were broken. The most I got in a row was 14.

  22. ML Day says:

    C/j #113 PR post surgery, was able to clean #118 but didn’t attempt jerk. Failed clean @ # 123
    #85 FS
    #155 DL
    most dub unbroken was 21. Most were sets of 4-5.

    BS at same pattern as skill
    up to # 155

  23. Cara says:

    90# C&J

    20:37 – just kept on until I was done

    60# Front squats for OHS
    Did 30 dubs each time instead of 50
    103# DL

    Still feeling pretty crappy from being sick. Stopped a few times to blow my nose! Blah!

  24. Heather M says:

    Unable to make it to the gym due to the weather but I did 100 burpee!!

  25. […] 30 minutes to find 1 rep max Clean and Jerk *Do not exceed 10 heavy reps in building to your max* Compare to February 16, 2015 […]

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