2015 February 23 WOD

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Conditioning – “Team Open Test”

Teams of 2 complete AMRAP 20 of:
100 Wall Balls
100 Double Unders
80 Box Jumps (24/20)
80 Toes to Bar
60 C2B Pull-ups
60 Burpees
40 Cleans (145/100)
40 Jerks
20 Snatch
20 Muscle-ups


A. 3-Rep Heavy Front Squat
B. 10-Rep Heavy Back Squat


5 RFT:
10 Burpees
35 Double unders

  1. Bryce Miller says:

    Partnered with AJ

    Conditioning – “Team Open Test”
    Teams of 2 complete AMRAP 20 of:
    100 Wall Balls (20)
    100 Double Unders
    80 Box Jumps (24)
    80 Toes to Bar/ hi knee
    60 C2B Pull-ups/rr
    60 Burpees (31)

    431 reps

  2. Tim C says:

    Teamed with Camron
    440 Reps
    7:52; Wall kicks

  3. Kate says:

    Now that the nutrition challenge is coming to a close, I thought this article might be helpful on hints how to stick with Paleo.


  4. Brian says:

    440 reps w/Justin
    C2B attempts

    FS – 145/145/165/185/200

  5. Robert says:

    Conditioning: (With Rusty)
    420 RX

    3-Rep heavy FS 205
    10-rep heavy BS (hbbs) 135

  6. Tanya Favara says:

    498 w/ Jennifer
    For me:
    BJ–20 step, 20 jump
    C2B–couple attempts, then chin over kipping w/ reg & reverse grip. Couple RRs too

    7:51 burner

  7. Sara M. says:

    I’ve been feeling some lower back tightness/achiness over the last week or so… Which can really be annoying when you’re trying to get some quality sleep! So, I decided to do what the hubby does (as he has chronic lower back issues due to a previous injury 10+ years ago) and sleep with a pillow under my legs. And let me tell you… It really does help! Allows my back to relax and lets me get to sleep quickly and pain-free.

    If any of you are experiencing back achiness or pain, I encourage you to try this out… It really does help you to relax and get a good night sleep!

    Here’s a link with pictures to show where to put your pillow in various sleeping positions:

  8. jks says:

    W/ James B 457
    50 15# WBs, 26DUs/24 WKicks, 50 24″ BxStps
    25 KRaises/15 on floor, 15 Burpees

  9. Margaret Everette says:

    Conditioning: 218 no partner
    Single unders, box steps, laying toes to bar, ring rows
    Strength: 33# FS and BS
    Burner: 1000m row

  10. Brandy says:

    475 with Jay.
    15# WBs, DUs, 20″ Box steps, laying toes to bar, kipping PUs, and burpees!!

    Did 10 minutes on rower for 115 calories…got 5 calories behind what I wanted because I was talking for a minute…

    Rowed because I did 100 burpees last night and 30 in the WOD…ugh. No more burpees and DUs for me today. Right foot keeps cramping up again! And I’ve tried rolling my leg out. Hmmm…

  11. Justin Harrison says:

    Metcon with Brian- 440 reps

    Burner- 8:33

  12. Kimberley Goff says:

    Found a wonderfully yummy blueberry muffin recipe:


    It has honey, so not a +4, but very yummy and moist. The recipe says it makes 8-10, but she must have used a jumbo muffin pan. I made 12 and they were overflowing. So, next time I’m going to shoot for about 16-18 muffins so they’re not bubbling out of the muffin tins.

  13. Brandy says:


    I normally have our water come to a boil…Add the eggs and cook for 8 minutes. Then we put in very cold water and ice to have it stop cooking. Yummy! I hate getting them too done.

  14. Jess says:

    465 partners with my Diddy
    Toes didn’t touch on all t2b
    RRs for c2b

    Burner: 6:14

    3rep FS @125# 135×2.5, almost had it

  15. MarkDGoff says:

    Partnered with Dave
    20# WB
    20″ box jumps
    c2b most or close

    185#, 205# front squat x3
    205# back squat x10

  16. Partnered w/Melanie 467
    10# WB
    100 SUs
    16″ box step ups
    Supine T2B
    43 burpees

    3 RM FS 65,75,85
    10 RM BS 85 (got 5 reps), 75

  17. Dave says:

    Partnered with Mark
    Some FS 95
    Some BS 185

  18. Kate says:

    Partnered with Bo

    6:16 2 rounds burpees rest air squats- shoulder was achy

  19. Sara M. says:

    Conditioning – “Team Open Test”
    ( With Rachel ) AMRAP 20 of:
    100 Wall Balls
    100 Double Unders
    80 Box Jumps (24/20)
    80 Toes to Bar
    60 C2B Pull-ups
    60 Burpees
    40 Cleans (145/100)
    40 Jerks
    20 Snatch
    20 Muscle-ups


    I did: WB with yellow ball / DUs / Step-Ups / supine T2B / RR – getting more parallel on these! / prego burpees & some real burpees too! / 65# cleans

    All done in sets of 10 except for the dubs (50 unbroken) and step ups (alternated).

    No strength (Lower back is still a little tight)

    5 RFT:
    10 Burpees (1/2 prego & 1/2 real-building strength back up!)
    35 Double unders (rds 1-3, 5 unbroken/rd 4- 8/27)
    (Shea had to restart the clock for strength portion and I was already about 1:40-2:00 into the “Burner”…. Time on reset clock was 5:32, so add what I had already started its around 7:12-7:32ish. Lol)

    Post WOD
    Pec PT Mobility (foam roller)
    Home – lower back mobility stretches

  20. Lucas Holland says:

    C&J – 3×1@165 / 3×1@175 / 2×1@190 / 2×1@200 / 5×1@210 / 2×1@200
    Back squat 3×10 across @265
    Burner – 5:30
    Metcon – 501 reps rx’d teamed with Blake! awesome job man!

  21. Jesse G says:

    With G-Force: 429 reps (9 reps into the burpees as Rx’d)

    3-RM FS – 165/185/205 (PR for 3-RM)
    10-RM HBBS – Did 165 then stopped

  22. Sam says:

    Partnered with the visitor Julye, she did great! I did movements Rx and she scaled as needed, she pushed hard! 484 reps.
    Burner: 7:03

  23. Marcia Jo says:

    Teamed with Ashley! Awesome job, girl!!

    Condutioning: 426 total
    Knee raises on the bar

    Burner: 14:17
    Got ridiculously frustrated on the double unders; threw my rope several times in anger
    Did at least 10 double unders each round, made myself do all 35 on the last round
    I need to find some sort of peace/zen/happy place during double unders.

  24. Bobby says:

    Open test: 514 RX w/ Troy. 34 reps into the cleans.

    Burner: 5:57

    Sorry for being so noisy in class, Shea! :// I’ll be a better student next time, promise.

  25. stefgatlin says:

    516 with Rachael
    Switched to lying T2B about halfway through just to save my hands for the Open. Kipping PUs for C2B. 103# cleans just bc it was easier to build than 100#.
    Had to rush out to work so no extra work. I plan to make it up later in the week.

  26. Shea says:

    474 w/Kim
    15# WB/20″ box jumps/T2b/C2b–hit most, but counted attempts, too so I wouldn’t slow us down.
    Burner: 6:19 (w/Jessica)
    Thanks for the push today Kim & Jessica-I really needed it!
    I had fun coaching the 4:30/5:30 classes today!

  27. MaryLawson Day says:

    518 with Heather
    #14 WB
    Upright RR
    Bench T2B
    #90 Cleans

    #133 FS 3RM
    #143 BS 10RM

    7:43 burner

  28. Ashleigh says:

    solo WOD: 293; jump up/step down, GHDs, RR, cleans rx’d, 20# DB jerks, 20# single arm snatches (10 each arm), MU transitions from the floor

    burner: ok so i can’t count to 5. i did 6 rounds in 7:02. i think i finished ab 5:33 for the 5 rounds.

  29. Elisabeth says:

    Worked by myself. Back was iffy tonight so I did some subs
    50 goblet squats
    50 single unders
    40 step ups
    40 knee raises
    30 ring rows
    30 push ups
    20 cleans
    20 jerks
    1 snatch
    281 total
    Did front squats after 3@ 75# and 3@85#

  30. Melanie says:

    Conditioning – “Team Open Test”
    Teams of 2 complete AMRAP 20 of:
    100 Wall Balls
    100 Double Unders
    80 Box Jumps (10)
    80 Toes to Bar
    60 C2B Pull-ups
    43 Burpees

    A. 3-Rep Heavy Front Squat PR 100#
    B. 10-Rep Heavy Back Squat DID 5 AT 100#


    • Melanie Ragan says:

      should have put on here
      10# wall balls, 100 DUs, 16in box, T2B from floor, and ring rows
      should have 467 reps not 267 – good gosh it must have affected my brain!! 🙂

  31. Brett Christensen says:

    Team Open Test w/ The Tim: 487 Rx’d
    Burner: 6:58
    10 tempo LBBS at 135
    3 FS w/ 5 sec. pause at 135

  32. Matt Z. says:

    510 with Tom
    FS/BS for mobility
    5:32 burner

  33. Bill B says:

    Team Open Test – Solo
    50 Wall Balls 15#
    50 Wall kicks
    40 Box Step ups
    40 Laying Toes to Bar
    30 RR
    21 Burpees

    231 Reps

    Burner 12.35

  34. Megan says:

    482 with Allie and I prob spelt your name wrong haha but you did great ! 😊
    15# WB
    Dubs( Allie got a few dubs yay ! )
    BJ we both did all jumps
    T2b for me laying for Allie
    C2b and Kipping for me / ring row
    All burps
    2 85# clean

    Lung burner 5:46 had to stop and fix hair falling ughhhhh this was fun

  35. Patrick M says:

    Teamed up with JD 408
    tnx for the help with the the double unders

  36. Boxx says:

    Solo in Newbern on 2/24
    227 reps-knees to elbows were weak

  37. Heather M says:


    A front squat #75
    B back squat (5)#75 (4)#85
    I quit I got attacked by the bar on my last rep!

  38. […] Metcon 5 RFT: 10 Burpees 35 Double unders Compare to February 23, 2015 […]

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