2015 February 26 WOD

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We will have live viewing parties at the box for the Open announcements! The announcements are at 7:00 with a live, head-to-head battle between elites immediately following. Make plans to join us for the next 5 Thursday nights for some fun community time!


7 RFT:
7 Box Jumps (30/24)
150′ sprint
7 KB Swings (72/53)
150′ Sprint

More Work

3 Rounds NOT For time:
3 Legless Rope Climbs
30 Pistols (15/side)
100′ HS Walk
:30 second L-Sit

  1. Nickhayes says:

    Prewod 2k row 10:14/108c


    Postwod 3k row 15:12/162c

    Prewod 2k row


    15 min elliptical
    3 leg less L rope climbs

  2. Justin Harrison says:

    Conditioning- 19:22 Rx

  3. Lucas Holland says:

    7 rft – 18:51rx
    3 reagular rope climbs
    30 reps of pistol progression
    worked on handstand walkin and hspu
    L-sit hold on rings

  4. Nicole says:

    Metcon :18:47
    Box jumps-18″

  5. stefgatlin says:

    7 RFT – 18:53 Rx
    2 rds – 1 legless rope climb – not completely legless bc I had to hold on to the rope at the top to reach the bell – short arms 😦
    16 pistol progression w/box & plate
    16 shoulder touches
    30s L-sit on rings

  6. Bryce Miller says:

    7 RFT.

    6- 1:06

    Got my first ever rope climb! Also did 4 WODs in a row for the first time!

  7. Kate says:

    18:26 RX. 25″ box step up

    Mobilized post WOD at home. Worked on feet, hamstrings, hip flexors.

    Congratulations to the Nutrition Challenge folks! Last day!! It’s been fun to see how encouraging everyone is to each other, more so than usual!

  8. Brian says:

    18:50 rx’d
    Splits: 1:01/:58/:59/:57/:59/1:00/:55

  9. Tanya says:

    19:09 24″ box jumps, 53# kb
    1:05/1:01/1:00/1:01/1:03/:59 2 min rest b/w rounds

    1 rd of extra
    3 climbs w/legs
    30 pistols. hips weak on these today
    HS shoulder touches x 30 w/ focus on keeping midline tight and butt of the wall…made these a lot harder
    :30 s L-sit

  10. MarkDGoff says:

    24″ box jumps
    55# KB

    Did 3 legless rope climbs
    worked on free hand stand
    did 3 – 20 to 25 sec L-sit
    did progression on pistols

  11. Margaret Everette says:

    Conditioning: 11:02 12″ box 20# KB
    Extra: laying rope climb attempts, working to touch 16″ box on pistols, 25 -10# dumbbell presses, 1 10 sec L-sit

  12. 9:50
    16″ box step ups
    25lb KB

    Worked on legless rope climbs from lying on floor
    Pistols, sitting back onto box
    20 strict DB presses
    Attempted L-sits (15 secs max)

  13. Wilks says:

    10:19 rx – no rest between rounds

  14. Cara says:

    24″ box steps/35# KBS


  15. Jennie says:

    Before 8:30 class
    45# KB (didn’t have time to warm-up so didn’t go rx)
    24″ box, alternating rounds of jump/step

  16. Brandy says:

    53# KB
    20″ box, first round and some of second rounds were jumps and then step ups. Ugh…

    worked on squats with feet together alot and then moved on to pistols with weight under my foot and holding a weight. Then did some without weight under foot and THEN…got a couple without any weights. Yay! Thanks Shea. 🙂

    Did some of the other things as well. Not HS walks but did do some Hand Stands.

    Also…So excited this is the last day of Nutrition Challenge.

  17. Tim C says:

    Conditioning: 21:27, 55#KB, 30″box
    Worked pistols, HSPU
    Got first ever rope climb

  18. Sara M. says:

    7 RFT:
    7 Box Jumps (24″)
    150′ sprint
    7 KB Swings (25#)
    150′ Sprint

    10:07 (no splits/rest between rounds)
    All 24″ box jumps. First time doing KBS in full range of motion again 👍

    More Work
    3 Rounds NOT For time:
    3 Rope Climbs
    30 Pistols (15/side)
    25 shoulder touches on box
    :30 second L-Sit

    Rope Climbs – Did mostly laying down rope climbs from floor. I did do 2 regular rope climbs! First ones in 6+ months!👍😃 Felt good, but didn’t want to push it…

    Pistols – BRUTAL!😲 Only could do about 4 (2 per leg) each round before I got tired… Lol did 2 rounds with pole assist. Last round did on top of a box.

    Post WOD
    Pec PT mobility & stretches at home

    And last, but not least… CONGRATS to all of CFJ’s nutrition challenge peeps! We made it!! Way to go… Have seen a lot of amazing results! Y’all are awesome!🙌

  19. Marcia Jo says:

    Conditioning: 15:14 total with 1 minute rest between each round
    24″ step-ups
    Green KB

  20. bigdolan says:

    24″ box

  21. ktrainer23 says:

    We split up on conditioning and the extra work.
    I completed three rounds of the extra work, unfortunately I didn’t catch my finishing time.
    Rope climb- used legs.
    Rx on the rest.

  22. Boxx says:

    10:32 53# 24″

  23. Shea says:

    Conditioning 18:43 w/2 min rest after each round/53# kb/25″ box jumps
    Extra work-1 round:
    3 rope climbs (using legs)
    30 alt pistols
    HS walks (20 ft x3; 25 ft X1)
    30 sec L-sit in rings

  24. MaryLawson Day says:

    8:50 something

    Did 5 rope climbs, and a few handstands and walks (all firsts since surgery)
    Worked a few pistols & ring holds

    Focus for next few weeks is enjoying the new movements I’ve been able to add back since surgery in moderation.

  25. Barbara B says:

    7 RFT: 11:48
    7 Box Step (15″)
    150′ sprint
    7 KB Swings (20#) Russian
    150′ Sprint

    1:18, 1:29, 1:08, 1:30, 132, 1:28, 1:40

    Extra Work: 1 Round 1:28

  26. Bill B says:

    8:33 rest 1:30 min 1st rd, rest until the next min the remaining rds.
    55# / 25″ box steps

  27. Patrick M says:

    Off site training was more search and rescue in full turnout gear on air. All exercises consisted of blacked out rooms with entanglement, full smoke and dragging a charged hose line. We had to drag out the victims on our hands and knees some very very heavy. 4 hrs of this!!!

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