Nutrition Challenge Winners!

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Whoa, I finally made it through the spreadsheets and numbers and pictures and found us some winners!

Thanks to everyone that participated and encouraged others through this challenge.
I’ve just now had the chance to look at and compare before and after photos and inches lost…let me say, WOW! Some of you made HUGE changes!

3rd place – Kate Wren
2nd place – Sara Miller
1st place – Brandy Ferrell

Bonus points went to the top 5 aesthetic changes: Brandy, Bryce, Barb, Patrick and Heather. Congrats on your improved physique!

No points were awarded for inches lost, but Team Beiter lost a total of 29.5 inches. Kate, Brandy, Kimberley, Margaret and others were all in the double digits for total inches lost!

Congrats again to everyone on the improvements and congrats to our winners!


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