2015 March 12 WOD

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Open party
We have a CrossFit Games Open WOD live announcement viewing party every Thursday night at 7:00. Come hang out with us and watch the WOD on the big screen!


Odd: 2 Push Presses + 1 Split Jerk
Even: 4 Good mornings


Odd: 50′ unbroken Handstand Walk
Even: 16 Pistols

  1. Brett Beckham says:

    Metcon: #165 PP, SO #45 GO
    Gymnastics: pistols on a #10 plate. Attempted some walks as well as worked on stands against the wall then coming off the wall and holding without assistance.
    100 Cal on bike

  2. Jesse G says:

    PP+SJ – 135, then 145 on last round
    GM – 45 bar

    Odd: :45 of handstand walk attempts
    Even: Max UB dubs – 35-30-30-25 (last round broke once)

    More HS practice after WOD. Balance was better today. Worked on bailing with a forward roll. Got a 4-5 foot walk several times.

  3. bigdolan says:

    185# pp and sorta jerk
    55# gm

    Hand stand rocks
    Pistol progression

  4. Tim C says:

    PP 115# x 3 rnds
    PP 135# x 4 rnds
    GM 75# x2, 33#x3, PVC x2
    Worked on HS holds and A frames, Thanks Tanya for the help on the hand stands
    Pistols using a box to stop negative.

    Ran a mile post wod

  5. Groves says:

    I need to schedule an early 15.3 time for Friday and an early 15.4 time on Monday the 23rd. I’ll be on a cruise thurs-Sunday next week. 😄

  6. Brian says:

    135# PP + SJ
    45# GM

    10 Front Squats @ 115# (still working back to strength/mobility in left ankle)
    HS Walk attempts

  7. Wilks says:

    155# PP + SJ
    75# GM

    Handstand balance work
    Pistols rx

  8. Clay says:

    95# PP + SJ
    45# GM

    Worked on HS against the wall. walked out, and lifted hands to shoulders
    Pistol progression on black mats

  9. Ashleigh says:

    at noon:
    4.22 miles in 42:50 (10:09 pace)
    first run since 2/7.. legs felt heavy but i’m owing that up to squats, wall balls, and box jumps. perfect running weather!

  10. MarkDGoff says:

    EMOM X 14
    odd 135# PP & SJ
    even 85# GM

    EMOM x 8
    odd HSW (got about 4 steps once)
    Even pistols (using rig)

  11. Marcia Jo says:

    Metcon: 65# PP and split jerk
    First half of GMs at 33#, second half at 45#

    Gymnastics: 50 seconds kicking up as close to the wall as possible and holding for as long as possible
    Pistol attempts

  12. jkb says:

    EMOM x14
    2 PP + 1 split jerk 53lbs
    GM’s 33lbs, felt really light

    EMOM x8
    25 Shoulder touches from wall once, from box the rest.
    Pistol work, using rig & bands to assist

  13. Shea says:

    EMOM 14: 2 PP+ 1 SJ @95#
    Good mornings @ 33#
    EMOM 8: HS walks: approx 50’/30’/30’/50′
    Pistols Rx

  14. Sam says:

    EMOM 1: 113# PP+jerk, 45# GM

    EMOM 2: 50’/10, then all other rounds 30-40’/10 pistols

  15. Tanya Favara says:

    95# PP/SJ
    33# GM

    Pistols 12/12/12/16
    HS variety of HS holds on wall pulling feet off to hold few seconds, walks 4-5 steps max

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