2015 May 13 WOD

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Every 5 minutes for 30 minutes (6 rounds):
Run 400 Meters
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings (heavy)
40 Double Unders


Two sets of:
Hawaiian Squat x 90 seconds each side
Plank x 60 seconds

  1. Nickhayes says:

    1&2 500m rows
    3-6 400m rows
    1.5 pops kb

    Prewod 1k row

    1,3&5 400m runs
    2,4&6 500m rows
    1.5 pood kb
    30 du

  2. Metcon- Rx sets, pink KB

  3. Jesse G says:

    400 m run
    2 rds of KBS w/ 60#
    4 rds of KBS w/ 50#
    40 DU per round

  4. Lucas Holland says:

    Fastest – 2:46
    Slowest – 3:10
    70# rkbs
    extra work – complete

  5. bigdolan says:

    All runs no walking ( fastest 400 2:00, slowest 2:22)
    Pink kb
    80 singles

  6. Bo says:

    Extra work complete

  7. jks says:

    Ran all 400s, Green KB, Wall Kicks
    KBs & WKs by rnd 20/10/10/10/10/20

  8. Kent carter says:

    400 m run
    35# kb?
    5 DU attempts, wall kicks afterwards.
    Wonderful cool temps for the Zombie crew this morning!

  9. This was not a good day for me- felt like I was in slow mo…even my SUs were horrible for most of it. Ugh

    Ran all meters
    25# KB
    Rounds 1-3 40SUs 4-5 didn’t even touch the rope, round 6 40 SUs

    60 sec each leg Hawaiian squat
    60 sec plank (2 rounds)

  10. Elisabeth says:

    Well I almost died 😓
    Only got through 4 rounds my back and hip tightened up so much I couldn’t continue

    First 2 rounds I ran 400m last two I ran 220m
    KB 20/10/10/10 first two rounds @ 25# last two @ 20#
    Did singles 48/80/29/40
    Did the extra work/stretches

  11. Bobby says:

    WOD: 70# RKBS all unbroken – DU unbroken rounds 2,3,5 – broken rounds 1,4,6.

    Extra: attempted left leg Hawaiian squats, difficult. Laying right leg stretch.

    2×60 sec plank

  12. Kim says:

    Subbed Kbs for abmat sit-ups x3rds & GHD x3rds
    Mobility stuff

  13. Luke says:

    Pink kb
    Dubs broke once in rds 1 & 5

  14. Matt Z. says:

    Pink bell blue stripes.
    Hawaiian squats were tough.
    Attempted 180 degree turn in HS walk but couldn’t quite get it.

  15. Jennie says:

    5:30 WOD
    What a mental battle. Wanted to quite every second past the 3rd round run…
    53#KB all unbroken

    My goal today was all KBS UB so I paced my runs to meet my goal.

    DU’s were UB 4 rounds.

  16. Brian says:

    All 400 m runs
    Black KB swings
    Worked on Double Unders for over a min each time

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