Posted: June 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

There will be no yoga and only one WOD at 9:00 tomorrow, Saturday, June 27th while we are gone on our annual CFJ Buffalo River trip.

We will meet at the Patty’s Restaurant parking lot off of exit 108 around 7:15 with plans to pull out no later than 7:30. It’s on the opposite side of the interstate than McDonalds and has more parking space so we can carpool! If you get off on exit 108, take a right and you will see a large restaurant on your left. If you prefer, you can meet us at Heath’s Canoe Rental at 8:30.

Everyone must bring CASH for their canoe. It will be $40-$45 PER CANOE. There’s a seat in the canoe for 2 people, but a 3rd can ride in the middle if needed. We recommend you bring food, drinks, sunblock, a garbage bag and bungee cords to strap your items to your canoe in case of a flip and a change of clothes and towel to leave in your dry car to ride home in. Please email or text me if you have any questions. Looking forward to a fun trip!

  1. H2 says:


  2. Bryce Miller says:

    We will see you there at Heath’s!!!

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