Wow at all the ANNIVERSARIES we’ve missed!

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

In June we missed the NINE year CrossFit Anniversary for Jayson!
Todd and Brandy Ferrell hit 5 years at CFJ!
JD Favara hit 4 years, Cameron Knight passed 3 years, Jesse Gatlin hit 2 years and finally Kimberley Goff and Rachael and Justin Harrison all passed the 1 year mark!

July marked 2 years for Melanie Ragan and Jason Kirby and 1 year for Terry Marshall and Marcia Jo Frazier!

Will Stone, Joy Pigue and Cherie Graham all marked 3 years in August while Michele Howe passed her 2 year Anniversary. Caleb Clark, Bethany Anthony, Jeannie Curland, John Phillips and Blake Taylor all hit 1 year this month!

We love what we do, we love y’all and we sincerely thank you all for staying invested in this journey!


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