2015 September 12 WOD

Posted: September 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

In teams of four, complete AMRAP 30:
400 Meter Run
Box Jump Overs
Burpee Pull-Ups
Wall Climbs
Each team member will start on a different station and may not rotate to the next station until their running teammate returns. Keep a rep tally at each station. Score is total reps of work complete.

If alone, athletes will complete E2MOM for max reps (4 rounds through everything).

  1. Scott Gatlin says:

    Awesomeness for old people: :


    row (1000-500-500-500)
    20 KB, Russian, 55#
    10 ring T2B


  2. Bobby says:

    WOD: 738.5 with Matt Z., Tyler, and Steve.
    My splits:
    BJO: 26/35/26/26
    BPU: 17/17/20
    WW: 8/5/5

    Bench press:
    5×5: 135/155/165/175/185

    Incline bench press:
    5×5 @ 135#

  3. Kent carter says:

    9 mile run- a lifetime PR! Training for my first half marathon next month.

  4. Brett Christensen says:

    @ CrossFit FXT: I partnered w/ one of the teens and the kid has a motor.
    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
    AMRAP 5 Total reps = 68
    2 Bupee Box Jump Over 24″
    * Partners work from opposite side of box. Partner B must not begin until Partner A has landed in start position
    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
    AMRAP 5 Total reps = 43 I did it rx’d and he used a empty barbell
    Alternating Squat Snatch 135/95
    Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) I did “Rx+” he did Rx and we finished with 13 rounds + 2 reps
    AMRAP 5 (relay)
    5 WallBall (20/14)
    5 Pull-up
    5 WallBall
    2 Muscleup

  5. Shea says:

    @home alone
    4 rounds of:
    420m run
    2 min each of:
    BJO: 120 reps (20″-jumped over on Round 1, my feet were killing me afterwards so I did jump on then over on rounds 2-4)
    Burpee PU: 42 reps
    Wall climbs: 20 reps(I did walks-hope it’s the same)
    Time was 35:40/182 total reps

  6. Kim says:

    619 I think
    I ended up liking this “awesomeness”. Wall walks were definitely the hardest for me.

  7. MaryLawson Day says:

    Partnered with H Hags, Cameron, and Tim. I think we were 627??
    My splits:
    Burpee PUs – 18/19/18
    Wall Climbs – 7/6/6/4
    Box Jump overs (jumped on/over) 39/38/38

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