2016 January 1 WOD

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Uncategorized
One WOD today at 1:00

24 Air Squats
24 Pushups
24 Walking-Lunge Steps
400 Meter Run
Compare to January 2, 2015

  1. Bobby says:

    Loredo: 28:58 – pr – down from 29:29 last year – redid 4 push-ups, due to lower body touching ground.

  2. Rob H. says:

    Need some work on full range of motion on pushups.

  3. ML Day says:

    In garage between in law visits
    24 air squats
    24 push ups
    24 walking lunge steps
    13 power cleans (#75) while Sam ran (ankle)

  4. Tanya says:


    Subbed butterfuly abmat situps w/ 10# ball for 4 rds pushups to give shoulder a break. The 2 rds of pushups strict as I can do—could feel quads brushing floor most reps.

  5. Groves says:

    Haven’t worked out in 12 days due to schedule and injury. I have also eaten everything I can get my hands on. I put up a very fluffy 35:35 today. I’m gonna kick this nutrition challenge in the teeth.

  6. Sam says:

    At home because I’m coughing up all of my lungs and didn’t want to show up and make everyone think I was going to infect them…

    So 19:00 with a 640m air dyne ride each round. Too cold for me to go in and out with a cough.

  7. Yin Blake says:

    28:14 @ home

  8. Patrick M says:

    Loredo 29:56

  9. bbevis says:

    33:37 @ home
    Need to improve on pushups.

  10. Kim says:

    3rds air squats/1rd burpees/2 rds mtn climbers
    2rds and 14reps as strict as possible pushups. No quad touching the floor. Then 10 reps + 3rds of pushups from knees. Those were terrible also. Spent a lot of time here.
    No lunges – 6rds of abmat Situps

  11. Tim C says:

    Rnds: PU 1&6, SU Rnds 2,3,4,5

  12. Nickhayes says:

    Prewod 2k row 9:56/110c

    12 push-ups
    500m row

    Prewod 2k row


  13. Joy says:

    6 RFT: 39:40
    24 Air Squats
    24 Pushups: rds 1-3 & 6 pu on 20# dumbbells so as not to bend wrists and on knees, rds 4 & 5 sit ups
    24 Walking-Lunge Steps
    400 Meter Run

  14. Cara says:


    subbed sit-ups for push-ups

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