2016 January 4 WOD

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

3 sets, rotate every 2 minutes:
Station 1 – 1-2 Rope Climb
Station 2 – Strict Handstand Push-Ups x max unbroken reps
Station 3 – 20 Alternating Pistols


5 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
10 Ring Dips
15 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

  1. Jesse G says:

    Rope: 1 legless / 2 reg / 2 reg
    Max UB dubs: 50/39/40
    20 alt pistols to bench

    4+3 Rx
    Ring dips gave out pretty quickly, slowed things down
    Only UB on first round

  2. bbevis says:

    1) 2 rope climbs
    2) Handstand w slight negative
    3) box sitting pistols

    AMRAP 10: 4 + 5 + 10
    5 Chest to ring row
    10 Ring Dips (3 rounds w band, 2 on box)
    15 Wall Ball Shots 12#

  3. jks says:

    Not very skilled
    Practiced Handstands/Pistol attempts holding box, rig, band/Rope beat me badly
    Mecton 4+5 Kipping PUs/Box Dips/14# WB

  4. Nichole Dyer says:

    Total rope climb 7
    L-seated DB press#15 total 45
    Pistols on 16 in box

    Banded ring dips
    #10 wall balls

  5. Wilks says:

    Rope climbs
    HSPU (mixture of strict and kipping)
    Pistols rx
    6+4 rx

  6. Jay says:

    I did a couple of rope climbs
    HS holds
    Worked on pistol and squatting with feet together
    5+2 Last 3 rds used skinny band on dips

  7. brandy says:

    So I showed up…That’s a start right?

    Actually did one rope climb each round…wow…I didn’t think I would be able to.
    Did regular PUs
    Did some squats…I would like to be able to walk tomorrow…

    Metcon: 5+5

    RRs, Dips off box and 10# wallballs….I’m so going to be hurting tomorrow!

  8. Samuel Day says:

    Did 2 rope climbs each time: total was 6
    Did slow negatives and then kip attempts up (got first hspu today!!!)
    Did all pistol squats unassisted (rx)

    did a mixture of chest to bar and normal
    Did mini band ring dips
    Rx on wall balls

  9. Groves says:

    Did skill work, all rope climbs, 6/7/6 HSPU, and a mix of pistol work.

    METCON: 4+5+2 RX.

  10. H2 says:

    Skills: Laying down floor rope climbs / A shape handstand work / Pistols (had to use box)

    Metcon: 5+5+6
    Ring rows/box tricep dips/10#wb

  11. ML Day says:

    1 mile row pre

    Strength- all work attempted. Pistols are a goal for 2016 (and getting better ankle mob)

    5 + 1
    Another 2016 goal figure out kipping safely.
    Pull Ups dead hangish and chin most times
    Smallest band on RDs
    #14 ball

    1 mile row post

  12. Rob H. says:

    Rope: 1-legless the rest regular
    HSPU: 4/3/ last round just worked on trying to Kip up correctly to the wall. I’m not graceful :/
    Pistol: completed all rounds. I did use a 10# plate some as a counter weight.

    4rd+5+10+2 *used small band on last set of ring dips. tri’s gave out

  13. Mark G says:

    Did some


  14. Kimberley says:

    Worked on rope climbs- first attempt
    Pistols holding onto rig
    15# L- seated presses

    Metcon 4+4
    Seated RR
    Strict Push-ups
    10# WB, all unbroken

  15. slchampine says:

    6 +2
    Sub pushups for dips

  16. Christie says:

    Finally made it to a 5am class!! WoooHooo!!

    4 + 5: ring rows, box dips, 10#wb

  17. Blake says:

    HSPU- 6/6/4 lost my balance all 3 rounds
    Pistols- 20/14/12
    Rope climbs- 2/2/2

    Metcon- 4+5+8 rx

  18. Shankle says:

    Rope climb – 2 each round
    HSPU – almost did 1, but mainly worked on holding handstand.
    Pistols – suck at these! Used the box and the rig for assistance.

    Metcon: 4+5+5
    *Did normal pull-ups
    *Used band for assitance on ring dips
    *Wall balls rx

  19. Joy says:

    Station 1 – 1-2 Rope Climb: 2 ropes climbs each round
    Station 2 – Strict Handstand Push-Ups x max unbroken reps: L-sit w/ 15# dumbbells
    Station 3 – 20 Alternating Pistols: to bench

    AMRAP 10: 4+5+1
    5 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups: First 3 rounds w/ med green band/switched to tiny blue band for the rest
    10 Ring Dips: jump up, work negative
    15 Wall Ball Shots: 12#

  20. Luke B says:

    Back Squat:
    1×3 @315
    1×3 @335
    1×3 @355
    1×6 @315

    Rope Climb: practiced legless and L-sit
    HSPU 20/15/10
    Pistols: Rx

    6+5 Rx

  21. Bobby says:

    BW: 199.8 lbs – BF percent: 11.2

    Back squat:
    3 @ 315#
    3 @ 335#
    3 @ 355#
    7 @ 315#

    Rope: 2 per round – 1 legless rep attempting to stay in L position.
    HSPU: scaled – seated DB press w/ 30# DBs – 15 unbroken per round.
    Pistols: Rx

    AMRAP: 6 + 5 scaled – ring rows, touching chest to rings, with legs on box, close to parallel – ring push-ups on same rings and box, did not go all the way down to keep pressure off of shoulder – WBs Rx unbroken.

    Extra: 2k row @ moderate pace – 8:14

  22. Melanie says:

    3 sets, rotate every 2 minutes:
    Station 1 – 1-2 Rope Climb attempts
    Station 2 – Handstand Negative downs into plank position
    Station 3 – as many as I can Alternating Pistols

    AMRAP 10: completed 5 rounds
    5 Ring rows
    10 Box Dips
    15 Wall Ball Shots (15)

  23. Kim says:

    10- 20# db L-sit
    2 rope climbs each time– 3 with wrap @ leg and 3 with the feet technique
    Pistols- played mostly
    Kpu/small band ring dips

  24. Shea says:

    @home: Skills: subbed max dubs for rope climbs-new rope; L-seated db press for HSPU; pistols Rx
    Metcon: 5+3 w/regular pull ups, toe assist RD & subbed 20# db thrusters for WB

  25. jkb says:

    Skill work: 3 rounds
    Rope Climbs: got 1st & 2nd ever climbs to ring the bell!
    Walk up, nose to wall holds + 30sec seated db press 15lb
    Pistol work: heel against mat, leaning forward, using core to lift

    AMRAP 10: 4+5+10+9
    5 RR’s
    10 push ups, from knees to focus on arms in, shoulders back.
    15 WB’s …8lb bc this is 1st WOD since thanksgiving and so…

  26. Lucas Holland says:

    Skills – Humbling
    Amrap – 6+4 rx
    5 sets of 3fs+6bs @255

  27. Matt Z. says:

    Rope climbs, 8,8,7 strict HSPU, pistols
    6 + 5,4

  28. jkeel 41/5'9/175ish says:

    Only had time for the skill work prior to teaching a fundamentals class.

    Rope climbs 2 per
    HSPU 25/20/15
    Pistols 20 per

  29. Cara says:

    Skills: 2 rope climbs each rd
    25# seated DB presses
    Scaled pistol work

    Metcon: 4+5+3
    Chin over bar kipping pull-ups
    Push-ups – some regular, some on knees
    14# WB

  30. Megan says:

    Been nursing a bruised toe and tight shoulder scaled a lot last week. Left my ball out tonight thanks to who put it up 😁
    HSPU 4/6/5 Rxd
    Rope 2 each round
    Pistols Rxd

    Metcon 4+1
    All c2b no pain here
    Wb 15#
    Dips on box slow and controlled for ring dips

  31. Carrie says:

    Worked on scaled version of all skills
    Metcon: 5+3
    5 ring rows
    10 sit-ups
    15 10# wb

  32. Joshua G says:


    Did my first “real” rope climb today. Got the footwork down. Strength wise it wasn’t too much of a problem; the real issue was with the rope rubbing my shin, which I understand is normal, but it just hurt… alot.
    On the handstand push-ups, I worked on simply holding the upright position for 30s and then I used 30# dumb bells for sitting push presses.
    I was able to get the form right on the pistols without scaling though I couldn’t get super low yet.


    Started with strict pull-ups, went to horizontal ring dips by the end
    Started with slightly assisted ring dips, went to push-ups by the end (and rolling ones at that)
    Used a 14# medicine ball for the wall balls

  33. Tanya says:

    station 1 5 C2B pullup (several rope climbs thru morning while teaching in am classes)
    station 2 30 sec handstand hold & 12-15# L seated DB press
    station 3 pistols 20/20/12

    Row 1500m

    103# 2 x 5
    133# 3 x 5

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