2016 January 12 WOD

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15 minutes to build to 1 rep max Shoulder Press or complete 10×1
Compare to August 25, 2015

Metcon – Hero: “JT”

Handstand Push-Ups
Ring Dips
Compare to September 14, 2012


EMOM x 6
Odd – 10 Ring Rows with 2 second descent
Even – 45 Second Plank Hold

  1. Seth says:

    Pre: 2k row
    5×5 DL: 135/185/225/245/265
    1×10 DL: 195
    JT: 7:04 rx
    21s unbroken. 1st hspu on 15s, I literally lol’d.
    Extra work: done
    Post: 10 min treadclimber

  2. Samuel Day says:

    #95 shoulder press

    Kipped about 4 and the rest were attempts on hspu’
    Did tiny band and then moved to toe assist last round

  3. Kent says:

    yesterday’s strength due to shoulder issues:
    5 reps x 115#
    5 x 125#
    5 x 145#
    3 x 155#
    2 x 175#
    10 x 155#
    10 x 135#

    Metcon: 8:40
    sit-ups, toe-assist ring dips, ring rows
    Post; worked SU’s briefly, 6 plank holds, approx. 20 sec’s each.

  4. Kimberley says:


    JT 18:42
    10# seated presses
    Dips from box, focuses on correct body position- super tough
    Push-ups- rolling up and down


  5. Mark G says:

    75,95,115,125,145,125 x 5

    HSPU 21, l-sit press 25# 15,9

    Did extra

  6. Groves says:

    Shoulder press @ 175, 10# better than sept.

    JT: 17:31 RX!!!

    Now I just hope I don’t have to use my arms for the rest of the day.

  7. Tanya says:

    SP 78#, 83fff closer each attempt. might could have gotten the last attempt but felt middle going so quit, not worth it

    8 hspu then 20# db l-sit press
    box dips
    pushups still no rx but getting better

    extra done

  8. Nichole Dyer says:

    Push press
    #45, warm up/ #50-10 times/55 failed 3 times. Back is tight and shoulders are tight
    L-seated DB press #15
    Box dips
    Push ups and roll ups with plank

    3-45second planks no break

  9. H2 says:

    Strength: 45/50/55/60f .. Finished out with 55#
    (So I got a 5# pr on SP woot woot)

    Metcon: 14:00
    L-sits 15#
    Tricep box dips
    On knees push ups .. Roll ups

  10. Shank says:

    Strength- 115# shoulder press

    Metcon – seated dumbbell presses – 30# 1st set, 20# on 2nd/3rd.
    Ring Dips – used mini band
    Push ups – Rx

    Extra – as RXd

  11. Haley says:

    Strength – 60#

    Metcon 14:58
    Did some wall stands with a slow descent into a plank. Some of the tripod lean forward thingys. Some dumbbell press. Then some horrible attempts at holding those damn rings still with my legs off the ground (fail). Some dips with (much) assistance from the ground. And finally some box dips. THEN. Some pathetic attempt at push-ups that looked more like I was doing the worm.

    Extra work…done.

    I barely have the strength to hold my phone up to type this. Arms=dead.

  12. Jennie says:

    Worked strength in this morning between coaching
    97# PR

  13. Nik says:

    8 lb shoulder press
    Box dips
    Knee PU

    SP 1 rm

  14. White Blake says:

    Strength- 115/135/165/175/185f

    Metcon- 18:20 rx literally did like 20 no rep hspu on my last set

    Extra- 10 min eomom touch and go 4 rep snatch

  15. Luke B says:

    Strict Press:

    JT – 9:16 Rx

    10min Every other min on the min
    4 t&g power snatch increasing load

    10min alternating EMOM
    Odd: 12 ttb
    Even: 20 WB

  16. Marcia Jo says:

    Strength: worked up to 80# (pretty sure that’s a PR)

    Metcon – Hero: “JT”
    Worked the negative 5x/12 L-seated DB press at 25#/all the rest with 20#
    10 toe assisted ring dips on a box/the rest box dips

    Extra: did it
    30 second planks

  17. Lucas Holland says:

    SP – 165#
    J.T. – 13:40
    4 hspu then 40# db seated press everything else rx’d

    10 min eomom of
    4 t-n-g power snatchs

    10 min emom
    20wb – even min
    10t2b – odd
    1000m row

  18. Matt Z. says:

    185 strict press, 195F, 190F
    10:22-more HSPU work needed
    6 min emom but forgot slow descent until reminded on third set.

  19. jkeel 41/5'9/175ish says:

    SP: worked up to 165#
    Attempted 175×2 and they both stalled just above my forehead.

    9:48 rx’d
    One extra HSPU b/c I fell off the wall on press out.
    About 3 extra dips b/c I couldn’t hit full extension.

    30 GHD situps
    30 hip extensions
    30 glute ham raises

  20. Shea says:

    Strength: Shoulder Press 77# (PR!)
    JT: 15:30—HSPU: first 15 kipping Rx & finished out the 21 round w/attempts-most were close to full lock out. On the 15 & 9 rounds–some slow descent, a lot of A-frames & a few more kipping attempts; RD: mostly slow negatives until my arms couldn’t hold me up, then I dropped; PU: some had to roll up a bit & my thighs touched, but knees never did.
    Extra done
    I def got my swole on today.

  21. Adam says:

    Strict press- worked up to 185lbs
    Db shoulder press
    Ring dips
    Push ups

  22. Megan says:

    I worked out today that is all I can say about my perfeomance today haha

    Stretched and dos strict presses with 33#
    Not as much pain in shoulder from last time I tried these last week

    Metcon: shoulder still a little sore HSPUs were tragic today weird ?
    Thanks Jayson for fixing my terrible form today on these
    – Did 7 L sit press with 25# for 6 reps on left side only .
    -About 17 total ring dips throughout mixed with the rest being box dips .
    -Forgot to do my push ups first round 😒 So did 36 in the 15s rd all SAT
    Tomorrow is a new day

  23. Sara M. says:

    *Back to square one with being out so long, but upperbody has always been my weakness.😜Felt like back was starting to arch so went back to 50 for a few more reps*

    Metcon – Hero: “JT”
    10# DB push press (L-sit against wall)
    Dips on box
    Push-ups (roll up/plank down)

    1 round: 10 Ring Rows / 5 Second Plank Hold

    Arms were toasted from strength and wod, so decided to do some of my pec mobility exercises (in lieu of the final two rounds of the extra) to prevent as much soreness as I can in that muscle.

  24. ML Day says:

    humbling all morning
    Press worked up to 85#

    Hspu were mainly slow decent kick off/away from wall/bottom at end.
    Ring dips were tiny band
    Push ups – put off rolling up as long as I could, last round. Always planked down

  25. Brandy says:

    SP: 65#, 75#, 85#, 90#…stopped because it was ugly and I felt like I got a Charlie horse in my back muscle. But went away very quickly! Just happy I could do 90#…I don’t remember what my previous PR was but I don’t think it’s far from this. My strength is coming back faster than my cardio…Ugh…cardio.

    JT…Just kidding…strength isn’t coming back faster. (but I’m alot heavier so I’m going with that)
    PUs off the box, box dips and PUs went into rollups fast!! I was miserably!
    10:07 but wasn’t pretty at all. No where near Rx.

  26. Pete says:

    Strength ( or lack thereof): 115# SP could only do one rep , then backed down to 105# x 7-8 reps.

    Metcon: no clue about the time, but thanks Megan for keeping the gym open while I finished.

    L-sits mostly w 25-30# db, also a few handstand negatives
    ring dips , right shoulder is not happy this morning. Probably should have scaled towards end.
    Thanks Tyler for pushing me thru this. It was a struggle!

  27. Carrie says:

    Strength: 65# – don’t know what my PR is on this so I will go with that.

    Metcon: 16:14
    L-sits with db – 20# for the 1st round, 15# for the rest
    box dips
    rolling push ups

  28. Kim says:

    Strength : worked up to 58# (not a pr)
    HSPU w/1 abmat 21/15/1
    Then 8 20# db L-sit
    GHD for RD
    Pushups – invested the time to make them perfect. I think I did a good job:)
    Extra: done

  29. myheartsathome2015 says:

    15 minutes to build to 1 rep max Shoulder Press or complete 10×1
    1 RM 88#

    Metcon – Hero: “JT”. 11:10
    Handstand Push-Ups (Overhead Press w/20’s)
    Ring Dips (Box Dips)

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