2016 January 13 WOD

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes:
Minutes 1-2 & 7-8: 2 Rope Climbs
Minutes 3-4 & 9-10: L-Sit Hold x 30 seconds accumulated time
Minutes 5-6 & 11-12: Handstand Walk


14 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (55/35)
14 Toes to Bar
400 Meter Run
Compare to December 30

  1. Samuel Day says:

    Did all the stuff normal except hs walks, did holds and shoulder touches instead.

    #40 db
    And everything else rx

  2. ML Day says:

    All stations attempted
    L sit paralets all broken
    2 rope climbs
    Hand stand walks (up to 6 steps)

    (started a 5th RD but my friendly neighbor stopped me at 7th t2b and gave me my time for ending 4th)
    Air dyne .5

    Grateful! Even on a day where I still feel humbled by previous days’ wod, I’m so thankful to have a place like Cfj to work at getting stronger!! Even on the yuk days, I love being able to be at Cfj!!!

  3. Jesse G says:

    Had to alter today due to recovery from inury.

    Strength: FS (6 sets)
    135×3 – 165×3 – 185×3 – 195×2 – 205×2 – 215×2

    “JT” – 18:11
    21+3 HSPU, then had to go to seated 25# DB press
    Strict ring dips

  4. Tim C says:

    Only one rope climb, testing shoulder
    L-sits in rings w/ knees up no leg extension
    Hand stand holds for ~40sec

    18:24, 40# DB, All else Rx

  5. jks says:

    Metcon 18:22 Rowed all, 30#DB, K2Chest

  6. Wilks says:


    18:38 (65#db)

  7. slchampine says:

    #50-DBS, T2B, 400 run

  8. H2 says:

    Floor rope climbs
    L-sits holds (can barely get leg out n front -def not straight either)
    Handstand holds -closer to wall than before 😊

    Metcon: 16:07
    15# db snatch
    Laying TTB
    400m runs

  9. White Blake says:

    Skilz completed

    Metcon- 15:41 @ 65#

  10. Nik says:

    Metcon 19:20
    3 rnds
    #15 do snatch
    2 rnds t 2 b / 1rnd lying leg raise
    400 m run

  11. Melanie says:

    Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes:
    Minutes 1-2 & 7-8: 2 Rope Climbs
    Minutes 3-4 & 9-10: L-Sit Hold x 30 seconds accumulated time
    Minutes 5-6 & 11-12: Handstand shoulder touches

    4 RFT 19:57
    14 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (20)
    14 Toes to Bar
    400 Meter Run

  12. Luke B says:

    Skillz Rx

    Metcon: 15:24 @65 1:10 faster
    Utilized more hip power on snatches, really helped on ttb

    Curls!! CT Fletcher style.

  13. Marcia Jo says:

    Worked on rope climbs, didn’t get any. I’ve gotten them before soooooo. My brain could not get my feet working.
    Accumulated 30 second l-sit holds with one leg in and both legs on
    Worked on lifting hands off the ground while on the wall. I was moving the wrong hip with the wrong arm. Clearly I was struggling today lol

    Metcon: 17:12
    30# DB snatches
    Knee raises on the bar
    Ran the first round, rowed the rest (nursing the shin splint)

  14. Bobby says:

    30 second hollow rock instead of handstand
    2 rope climbs each round
    30 second accumulated ugly, horrid L-sits

    WOD: 14:59 – 14 KBS @ 72# KB – laying T2B – scaled for shoulder recovery

    Extra – crossover symmetry

  15. Matt Z. says:

    Did skill work.
    14:51 with 70 DB

  16. Jennie says:

    530 class
    Skill work done
    2 legless rope climbs and 2 with feet
    Handstand holds
    L holds in rings

    35# snatches
    Bike 0.5

  17. jkeel 41/5'9/175ish says:

    Skill work:
    Combo of peg board and rope climbs
    2 unbroken 25′ HS walks per rnd
    L sits 30 sec

    40# DB
    14:38 I think
    I did 8 extra reps on the first round thinking it was 14 per.

  18. Lucas Holland says:

    6 sets of 2fs+4bs @175
    Skills – better than last time
    Metcon – 16:40 rx w/ 70# db
    5 sets of bicep curls

  19. Johnstone says:

    #45-DBS, T2B, 400 run
    18 +/-
    Been under the weather since Sunday and trying to tough it out

    Strength: 10 X 1 Shoulder Press @ 115# / 7 til end looked more like Push Press and 1 jerk

  20. Carrie says:

    Skill work:
    Worked on all very scaled – pull up on rope from floor, L sits on floor, handstand holds on wall

    Metcon: 20:40
    15# DB cleans – shoulders hurting to go overhead
    T2B supine, last round sit ups
    400m row

  21. Megan says:

    Rope climbs / hs walks 25′ 3 times / L sit ring holds alternating legs

    15:26 Rxd
    Last time did rows for hurt toe and laying t2b for shoulder . No shoulder pain

  22. Cara says:

    2 rope climbs/participated/handstand holds

    Metcon: 18:57
    25# DB
    Inside runs

  23. myheartsathome2015 says:

    Back Squat
    Worked up to 160# 1RM

    Rowed 20:00

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