2016 January 28 WOD

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I’ll be available for nutrition challenge questions and mid-way check-ins this Saturday after the 9:00 class. Please refer to the post from Tuesday night (1/26) to sign up for a personal slot if you need some one on one time. This check in is not required, just a chance to ask me questions in person and make any adjustments we need to make. If you’re not seeing results in line with your goal in this 4 weeks, we need to make some changes for the last 4 weeks.


20 minutes to work on your pull-ups.
5×2 Weighted Pull-ups
2 rounds of:
5 Wide Grip Pull-ups
5 Pull-ups
5 Reverse Grip Pull-ups
5 Mountain Climber Pull-ups


Teams of 2, alternate rounds, completing 4 each of:
50 Double Unders
400 Meter Run

  1. Samuel Day says:

    Did all the pull-ups like it said to.

    Time was 22:15. SU with DU attempts for a minute and a half.
    ^^ the most frustrating thing ever.

  2. Jesse G says:

    5×2 ring MU subbed for WPU, then 2 rounds of pull-up work as prescribed (strict, not unbroken)

    MetCon – 20:53 solo with 1:1 rest time
    Splits – 2:51/3:03/3:03/2:59
    UB dubs – 45-5/48-2/50 UB/18-32

  3. ML Day says:

    Variety of PU work but most difficult was working kip positions. Some DH PU’s, some toe assist, MTN climber, wide grip and reverse grip PUs…

    first two rounds sub 50 air squats
    last two rds did 50 DUs (I caved watching and wanted to see how ankle felt)
    AirDyne .5 mi each round

  4. Tanya says:

    No weighted PU
    Other sets done strict. Only got a few mountain climber w/ actual chin over–hard!

    20:43 w/ Cara
    3 sets DU UB. Broke 3rd rd 48/2–must have let arms drift out bc cardio wise fine
    Cold runs 💜❄️

  5. Cara says:

    No strength – stretched

    Metcon: 20:43 w/Tanya
    All dubs unbroken except for first round, broke once.
    Runs except for round 2. I thought I’d try to bike since I’m still sick and the cold air was killing me. Let’s just say I’d rather my lungs freeze than do .5 on the bike again! I’m sure I slowed us down on that round!

  6. Nik says:

    Worked on Strict w/sm band

    Mark, Monte&I

  7. Mark G says:

    Weighted PU with 25# KB

    Did all rest except last mountain climbers

    METCON with Scott
    DU attempts/SU

  8. Shea says:

    *5×2 kipping pull ups with 19# pack/a few strict PU singles w/pack, 20# kb as well
    *wide grip-mostly strict with a little kip so I could do them UB
    *5 kipping PU-again working on stringing kpu since I’m having trouble with this during wods
    *reverse grip-all strict
    *mountain climbers-was eventually able to get shoulder to bar on each side (its tough on the opposite side),drop, re-grip do it again on each side and then one more/one side for a set of 5

    Metcon with Nichole 21:41
    DU UB all 4 rounds

  9. Rob H. says:

    Strength /skill
    5×2= 20#vest/vest+25#kb/vest+35#kb/vest+53#kb/vest+53#kb
    Did all the other pull ups

    27:58…DUs getting better…Finally putting together 10-15 in a row during Metcons

  10. Luke B says:

    Weighted Pull ups:

    Pull-up Variety: Rx

    Metcon wt Lucas “The Macho Man” Holland 19:25 Rx

  11. Nichole Dyer says:

    Worked on parallel ring rows . Wide grip and reverse grip as well as normal. Had to stretch foot and calf due to some pain.
    Metcon- with Shea-21:41
    30second Flutter kicks
    450m row
    All due to pain in foot. Still a pretty good workout.

  12. Kent says:

    50 meter sprints x 8, wrapped into a two mile power walk.
    A variety of pull ups insets of 2-3 for a total of 20.

  13. Lucas Holland says:

    Weighted PU – 5×2

    2rds of pull ups

    Metcon w/ Luke “Rick Flair” Butler
    19:25 rx du’s unbroken rds 1,2,&4

    extra – 8rds of tabata tire beat down with the sledge hammer

  14. Sara M. says:

    20 minutes to work on your pull-ups.
    3×2 strict Pull-ups
    2×2 weighted vest ring rows from floor
    2 rounds of: (on rings)
    5 Wide Grip Pull-ups
    5 Pull-ups
    5 Reverse Grip Pull-ups
    2 Mountain Climber Pull-ups

    Team Miller, alternate rounds, completing 4 each of:
    50 Double Unders (Bryce – 100 singles)
    400 Meter Run (Bryce rowed 500m)

    Lung burner for sure! 😲 All dubs unbroken👍 Excited about that as it’s been a while since I’ve done them. Ran all 4 runs and thanks to some tips/advice from Derek, my knee held up pretty well!👍

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