2016 February 6 WOD

Posted: February 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
Kinda Kelly

In teams of two, complete AMRAP 30:
400 Meter Run
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
One working at a time, alternate movements.

  1. Groves says:

    Me and Andy (Team Murica) vs the world.


  2. Patrick M says:

    Team P×2
    Patrick & Pete
    400m run
    24″ box jumps
    20# wall balls

  3. Brett Christensen says:

    @ CrossFit FXT
    20 min partner AMRAP
    100 call row
    100 burpees
    100 thrusters (95/65)
    My partner and I got 1 round + 100
    Work up to a heavy C&J and if it feels good go for a 1RM
    135/185/205/225/245 matched my previous 1RM/255 PR/265 PR/270 failed 3 times in the clean

  4. Shea says:

    #shawtyfawty (me & Kim)
    20″ box/15# WB

  5. Tanya says:

    Couldn’t make it to class so driveway WOD this afternoon
    25 burpee buy in
    sit-ups 12
    push-ups 7
    DB hang power clean & jerk 25# 4
    KBS 53# above head but not vertical 9
    25 burpee cash out

  6. Lucas Holland says:

    The Technician (Matt A & Myself)
    7+400m + 10

  7. Justin Harrison says:

    With Matt Z- 7+285m

  8. Jennie says:

    No partner so I did a real Kelly
    5 rounds, RX’d

    As terrible as I remember. Still one of my 5 least favorites.

  9. slchampine says:

    Team Grumpy Old Men
    Of course in the spirit of the team name, i cannot remember our score and I think Brock was my partner. I am surprised I remembered to log the event at all! Great fun or at least I think I remembered it that way.

  10. Joshua G says:

    Teamed up with Clay.
    6 + 400 + 5
    Box jumps: 25″
    Wall balls: 15#
    This was a good one!

  11. Cara says:

    Birthday PMS (Me & Lindsey)

    7+60 meters

    20″ box – all step ups

  12. […] 5 RFT: 400m Run 30 Box Jumps (24/20) 30 Wall Balls (20/14) Compare to September 13, 2014 or maybe you did it alone on February 26, 2016 […]

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