2016 February 16 WOD

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Every 3 minutes, rotate through 2x:
Minutes 1-3 & 10-12 – Rope Climb Technique Work – up to 4 ascents
Minutes 4-6 & 13-15 – Freestanding Handstand Hold Work
(use partner assists to learn balance points and accumulate time upside down)
Minutes 7-9 & 16-18 – 15 Tuck Rock to Tuck Sit


Three sets for max reps/calories of:
3 Minutes of Bike or Row (for Max Calories)
2 Minutes of Strict Handstand Push-Ups
1 Minute of Strict Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes

  1. bigdolan says:

    Rang the bell twice! First time up the rope ever!!!!!
    Rope burn sucks!
    1 min handstand holds
    Rocking things

    Row, 40# Lsit db press
    Ring rows

  2. Sara M. says:

    Way to go, Dolan! 🙂 That’s awesome!

  3. Kent says:

    3.5 mile run/walk, more running, 75% of sprint pace x 15 for 40m stretches.

  4. Tanya says:

    Rope climbs, HS holds attempting to pull feet off wall–only few secs < 3, tuck sit/roll–got a few, many attempts

    Metcon 192
    Row 45/45/45
    HS 10 negatives x 2 rds, 30 reps 20# Lsit DB press last rd
    PUs 2/2/2 reps, several other attempts

    Congrats to those of u who got up the rope today for the first time. More PRs!!

  5. Luke B says:

    Skill Work: Completed – freestanding handstand holds and tuck roll to L-sit were a good challenge tho.

    Metcon: 238 Rx

  6. Cara says:

    Ran 2.75 with Lindsey. She ran 3 so not positive of my time, but we were running at an 8:30 pace which should have put me at 23:23.

  7. LA says:

    Makeup WOD for missing yesterday, 355# bs, 20# PR
    Strength complete
    Metcon- 245rx

  8. Rob H. says:

    Rope climbs completed
    Handstand hold work…Attempted.
    I’ll get there.
    Tuck rock to tuck sit. Completed…yuk
    Avg 52-53 cal on row per round
    No HSPU.FINALLY kipped over and did a couple of handstands. That’s a win for me 🙂
    avg 15 strict pull ups per round

  9. Joy says:

    Rope Climb Technique Work – 4x up rope rd 1, 3x up rope 2 rd
    Freestanding Handstand Hold Work: first time upside down since surgeries. didn’t time it but held it as long as I could (probably 30 secs or less)
    Tuck Rock to Tuck Sit: attempts

    Metcon: 173
    Row: 31/31/30
    HSPU: A-frame for round 1 & 2: 25/25 L-sit round 3: 18 with 15# DB
    strict pull-ups (small blue band): 5/4/4

  10. Tim C says:

    Rope Climbs: 4 attempts
    HSPU: Worked holds trying to stay off wall
    Tuck Rock: Not very successful w/ this one

    Metcon: 206
    Row: 40/46/45
    HSPU: 15/22/22, 35# DB press
    PUs: 6/5/5

  11. Nichole Dyer says:

    Rope climbs-4×2
    Handstand holds
    Tuck rock tuck sit was a challenge but tried.

    #20/15 L seated DB presses
    Ring rows
    Quads are on fire

  12. Haley says:

    Made it to the top of the rope once! Can hold some handstands… The tuck and roll to an L sit was a no for me.

    Bike, A-frame push-ups and ring rows

  13. H2 says:

    Skills: laying down rope climbs/worked on kicking feet up to wall-still a mess/tuck rock to tuck sit 😳 ✔️

    Metcon: 222
    Row 42/39/37
    L-sit db press 20/17/16 @20#
    RRows 17/17/17

  14. Kimberley says:

    Skill work ✔️
    Still working on technique with rope climb
    Seated DB presses 12#
    Tuck rolls/sit, feet touching floor

    Metcon 159
    Started on row
    Seated presses 12#
    Banded pull-ups

  15. Mark G says:

    Tried all

    7(5 strict,2 kip)
    8 (5 strict, 3 kip)
    7 (4 strict, 3 kip)
    All strict PU 11,11,12
    Row 49,50,46

  16. Wilks says:

    Skills: humbling
    Metcon: 226rx
    Row: 67/61/60
    SHSPU’s: 2/2/1
    Strict PU’s: 13/10/10

  17. jkeel 41/5'9/175ish says:

    Skill work:
    Subbed glute ham raises for rope climbs.
    Handstand holds were held.
    Tuck rock to tuck sit was synchronized to perfection. There is probably a video.

    Row: 49/52/54
    Strict HSPU to 12″ deficit: 10/10/10
    Strict PU: 16/13/13

    Total: 227

  18. Groves says:

    Handstands felt great, roll up things… not so much.

    METCON: 188 RX ouch.

  19. Marcia Jo says:

    Skills: did it

    Metcon: 189
    Biked for 34/32/30
    Seated DB press, 20# for 20/17/16
    RR for 13/14/13

  20. Sara M. says:

    Skills ✔️
    2 RC first round / 1 the second round (using wrap around method)
    **spent rest of time practicing the other method of rope climbing … Need more practice**

    Row: 29/27/30
    A-Frame: 15/20/20
    Kipping Pull-ups: 3/3/4
    Total: 151

    Feeling WEAK tonight…😕👎 Don’t know what’s up. Maybe it’s because my abs/core is super SMOKED from yesterday’s WOD. I guess we all have days like this. I showed up and worked… Guess that’s all that matters.

  21. Shea says:

    Skill work-rope climbs 4 each round, HS holds were decent, but the tuck things weren’t too good-I could cross my legs & hold briefly. Arms seems too short.
    Metcon: 173
    Row 40/41/41 (damper 5)
    Kipping HSPU (Open prep) 10/10/10
    Strict PU 7/7/7 (2 rds OH grip, last rd all grips)

  22. Lucas Holland says:

    Skill – ✔
    Metcon – 235 rx
    5×5 bench press @225

  23. Joshua G says:

    Rope climb form needs a bit of work but I still got up there four, then three, times
    Hand stands are coming, though I need a good bit of stabilizing from someone else
    Rocking… things were interesting. Had to do indian style

    Row for calories — 41/40/40
    Pike press — 25/25/25
    Strict pull-ups (chin over the bar) — 7/6/6
    = 215 total

  24. Bob says:

    Skills: Done

    Metcon: 186
    Strict HSPU: 10/10/12
    Strict PU: 10/14/10

  25. Jennie says:

    5am wod

    18:00 of skill work completed

    Ran inside for 3 minutes every round
    Did 8/6/5 Strict HSPU (not good numbers but still an improvement here)
    Did about 14-16 strict pull ups per round

  26. Nik says:

    50 5 5
    43 7 6
    44 6 5
    Tot 171

  27. missychamp2016 says:

    Rope climb: Rang the bell 2x! That’s a PR for me!

    Ran 20:00 instead of doing the Metcon.

  28. Kim says:

    Skills done
    Metcon -150
    8 Kipping hspu 1abmat/4 20# L-sit
    8 Kipping hspu 1abmat/5 20# L-sit
    6 Kipping hspu 1abmat/1 kip hspu no abmat
    Strict Pull-ups 6/6/5
    Calories 33/34/34
    lost 15-20sec each time due to change out on rowers.

  29. bbevis says:

    Skill work
    Rope completed once – worked on alternate technique
    Handstand holds without wall only up to 20sec
    Tuck rolls/sit, feet touching floor

    Metcon 160
    Started on row
    Seated presses 15#
    Jumping pull up with slow descent

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