Nutrition Challenge Winners!

Posted: March 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

First of all, we had 48 people pay and weigh in for the start of the challenge and only 37 people weighed in at the end…that’s 11 people that did not come in for final measurements! Although you won’t be eligible for the prize, I am still happy to measure you so you can see your results!

As a reminder, this challenge involved 3 categories for winning: body fat loss, lean muscle gain and a combination of the two. I noted in the announcement post at the beginning of the challenge that you would only be eligible to win one category.

Body Fat Loss
Kimberley Goff (5.63%, $100 winner)
Bryce Miller (5.60%, not eligible, won combined)
Tanya Favara (5.31%, $60 winner)
**Also with significant body fat loss is Kim Cunningham (5.30%, barely losing to Tanya!), Haley Milligan (5.0%) and Margaret Everett (5.0%) but we’re only awarding $$ to the top 2!

Lean Muscle Gain
Rob Hamilton (6.18#, $100 winner)
Tyler Erlandson (5.76#, $60 winner)
**Although not enough to win, I would like to congratulate Kimberley Goff, Heather Moody, Brittany Austin, Mary Lawson Day and Grant Cooper for their multi-pound muscle gains during this challenge!

Combination of Body Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Gain
Bryce Miller (10.33, $100 winner)
Kimberley Goff (8.78, not eligible, won body fat)
Mary Lawson Day (7.77, $60 winner)
**Although not enough to win, I would really like to congratulate Heather Moody, Kim Cunningham, Grant Cooper, Jessica Crosnoe and Brittany Austin on their efforts to attack both and showing significant body fat loss while growing muscle! There were actually several people that fell into this category so good work to everyone!

We had several people do really well on this challenge! Will, Margaret and Brian all lost almost 20 pounds and several others were in double digits!

Congrats to everyone! I hope you all learned some things that will be beneficial to you on your journey!


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