2016 May 17 WOD

Posted: May 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

20 minutes to complete:
4×8 Single Arm Bench Press per arm
2 second at extension and 2 second descent


Three sets of:
60 seconds of Max Reps Strict Supinated-Grip Pull-Ups
Rest 60 seconds
60 seconds of Hollow Hold or Rocks
Rest 60 seconds
60 seconds of Max Distance Handstand Walk or Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold
Rest 60 seconds

  1. MLDay says:


    Met con
    8/7/8 on PUs (each round started first two initiating fr hang)
    HS walk 11 steps longest – rest broken
    Hollow rock – ~30 sec before back bowed each time

  2. Jesse G says:

    Single arm BP: 35/40/40/45

    Strict Pull-ups: 18/12/12
    25 Hollow rocks per round
    60 sec nose to wall hold 1st round: HS walk toward wall 2nd/3rd round

    Extra: more HS walk practice

  3. Luke B says:

    4×8 with 53# KB

    Pull-ups 21/21/21
    Mix of holds and rocks
    Worked on freestanding holds. Rounds 2&3 I got pretty good runs in of 20sec or so.

    20 straight leg deadlift @95
    20 knee to elbow

  4. Rob H. says:

    False grip pull ups. 6-7 per round
    Hollow rocks…..weak I need to focus here.
    Handstand hold. Got about 30 seconds per round before I gave out. Focused on pushing head through the shoulders for mobility.

  5. Kimberley says:

    Bench press
    20# DB

    Skill work ✔️
    Worked on pull-ups from box & jumping pull-ups, holding the negative
    Hollow rocks & holds ~45sec each
    Handstand holds 45 sec max, ~30 avg

  6. H2 says:

    Strength: 15# db
    Med green band pull ups
    Hollow holds
    Set 1&3 nose to wall holds/ set 2 attempted to kick up -still scared to commit booooo 😒

  7. Lucas Holland says:

    2k row – 7:15

    SSGPU – 15/12/11
    Hollow Holds
    Nose 2 wall

    21-15-9 deadlifts @225
    400m run between rounds – 7:39

    30cal row
    30 hip extensions

    2min of dubs – 127
    2min rest
    2min of dubs – 144

  8. Megan says:

    25# DB used all sets

    Started on handstand walks
    25′ / 20′ / 20′ then the remainder 5′

    Strict pull ups 5/5/5

    Plank hold 30 secs and each side plank 15 secs each side in place of hollow holds

  9. Shea says:

    strength: 30# single arm db bench press
    work: 8/7/8 pull ups, HS walks-several good ones-got about 30ft one time, hollow rocks/holds

  10. Marcia Jo says:

    Strength: did it

    Jumped with slow descent
    Attempted handstands after kicking up on the wall
    Hollow holds

  11. Bob says:

    Work: Pullups-20/18/15
    Nose to wall handstand holds ~30 seconds
    Hollow holds – 60s/60s/45s

  12. Tanya says:

    DB BP 25/30/35×2

    PU 4×3 (no pull I guess from yesterday’s Cindy)
    HS holds, some shoulder touches
    Hollow rocks, broke once each round

  13. Joy says:

    Single Arm Bench press: 20#

    Pulls ups: 10/10/8 skinny blue band for most. got 5 total with no band/short bar!
    Hollow Holds: After 20secs I have to start bending one knee
    Handstand holds: wrist was toast so i couldn’t get as close to wall as i wanted. but did go upside down putting weight on fist instead of wrist. held 30-38 seconds-ish

  14. Kim says:

    SPU 7/7/7/6
    Worked on handstand walks
    Hollow rocks accumulated 40sec each rd

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