2016 July 5 WOD

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

15 minutes to complete 5 sets of:
2 Power Cleans + 1 Split Jerk


30 Clean & Jerks
Compare to October 23, 2015


Spend some time working on your wish list items. Talk to a coach about setting and reaching some goals!

  1. bigdolan says:

    135, 165, 185, 185, 205

    2:12 Rx
    First grace

  2. Tim C says:


    Metcon “Grace” 3:42, 16 sec PR

  3. Tim C says:

    Work Rx

  4. Luke B says:

    Strength: 95/135/155/185/295/225/245/265 1clean @275 failed on 2nd

    Grace – 2:39 Rx 3sec PR.. I’ll take it lol

  5. Joy says:

    Strength: 55/65/70/70/75/80

    Grace: 6:41 65# (That was a hot mess. I can do better.)

  6. Wilks says:

    Strength – worked up to 185#
    Grace – 2:23rx
    (shaved off 27 sec. from last attempt)

  7. Bobby says:

    Did yesterday’s hero WOD @ 11:30

    Whitten: 44:22 Rx

    Approximate split times for rounds in minutes (6/9/11/10/8) first and last rounds unbroken.

  8. Sara M. says:

    85# across (could have increased, but felt like focusing on good quality movements)

    Metcon – “Grace”
    6:05 @ 70#
    Not my fastest (off by 38 sec) nor my slowest, but it was the heaviest I’ve ever gone. Given yesterday’s Hero WOD, not super surprised with the time.

    Extra ✔️
    Chatted with Coach Todd about how to get my pull-ups back. Can do single strict Pull-ups, but not many. When I was at my littlest weight, I could do pull-ups easily, but I wasn’t making gains in the strength department. Now I’m about 15# heavier and making gains in the strength dept, but have lost the ability to pull my body up (being heavier) like I used to (upperbody is my weakness). 😜 Todd gave good recommendations of skill work to do to strengthen my lats and I’m ready to put in extra work using my home gym for this!💪 Goal is to have pull-ups back by December 😬😊

    • Sara M. says:

      For personal future reference: Did squat cleans and push jerks for Grace this morning…

      Was thinking all day after the WOD that I don’t remember squat cleaning in the past. Walked in during the 5:30 pm class and everyone was PCing. So, I’m pretty sure I power cleaned in the past. 😋 lol

      So the times I compared it to above are not accurate. I’m assuming squat cleans probably add some time, so I feel better about the 6:05 time I put up this morning😬 Kind of makes me want to re-test again some day with PC’s.

      Did some upperbody skill work during the 6:30 evening class:
      Pull-up work on the rig
      Rowed 1800m in 9:27
      15# & 20# L-sit DB Presses
      20# push ups into rows

      Trying to get this upperbody strengthened up!💪

  9. Rob H. says:

    Worked up to 155
    DUBS lots of attempts.

  10. LA says:

    Strength- 135/155/175/185/205/225f jerk
    Grace- 2:44 PR by 1:06, power cleans- some did squat cleans and hats off to you!

  11. Jay says:

    Strength 135/155/155/185/185/185 I was just trying to get the shoulders lose before Grace
    Grace- 2:52 rx half done in sets of touch and goes then singles

    Worked on DU’s

  12. Joe Edwards says:

    Strength up to 175
    Metcon: 3:28 RX

  13. Kimberley says:

    65# across

    Grace 4:30
    60# (5# heavier, 23 sec slower)

  14. Mark G says:

    2 Cleans and push jerk
    95x 2, 115×2, 135×1

    3:44 @ 115#

  15. Blake Stegall says:

    Strength- 135/155/175/195/225

    Metcon- 2:44 rx little over a 2 minute pr

  16. H2 says:

    Strength: PC/SJ @ 55/60/65/70/70

    Metcon: “Grace” 4:14
    60# PC and PP (thought I was doing jerks 😂whoops I did all push press)

  17. Jesse G says:

    PC+PC+SJ – 6 sets

    Grace – 3:32
    PR by 14 seconds with 10 extra lbs

  18. Elisabeth says:

    Strength: 33/43/48/53/53 (don’t know what I was doing on my strength. Should have done heavier 😬)

    Afterwards worked on double unders and got my first two in a row! 😃

  19. Brett Christensen says:

    Strength: 135/155/185/205/225/245/265 failed
    Grace: 2:17 Rx’d
    7 min AMRAP:
    25 DUs
    5 MUS
    3 rounds + 25 + 3
    3 rounds of 45 sec on, 45 sec off w/ 3 min rest in between each round
    A little over 900m each round

  20. ML Day says:

    Ugh. ready for gains on my dumb Clean.

    Grace rx

  21. Sabrina says:

    4:28 RX Grace.

    I ate two brownies for lunch and I’m eating one right now. Sorry Grace

  22. Tanya says:

    4:19 rx PR
    Clean probz–overall too slow & sloppy/slow elbows last half

  23. Bryce says:

    Strength I just focused on form at 95#. I had more in the tank.


    Stuck with 95# and completed in 3:04

    Extra worked on pull up work

  24. Lucas Holland says:

    C&J – 135/155/185/205/225/245/265 failed jerk

    Grace – 2:05 rx

    3 rds of 4 sets
    45 sec on 45 secs rest

  25. Melanie says:

    15 minutes to complete 5 sets of:
    2 Power Cleans + 1 Split Jerk

    “Grace” 6:12
    30 Clean & Jerks 75#
    Compare to October 23, 2015

    Spend some time working on your wish list items. Talk to a coach about setting and reaching some goals! Biked 1 mile

  26. jkeel 41/5'9/175ish says:

    Worked up to 225# on CJ complex.

    2:19 rxd

    15min heavy bag work

  27. Monte says:

    Strength – C&J 95, 95, 125, 145, 165#

    Grace 5:20 rx

  28. Megan says:

    95# / 105/115/120/125/130/135
    All connected around 85% of my last recorded clean and jerk

    Grace – 3:37 Rxd
    16 secs over my October 2015 fastest time
    Can’t complain I’ll take that time doing this with child . Could have been the day I had I woke up on the wrong side of the bed Took it out on the barbell 😁

  29. Haley says:

    Strength: 85/95/105/110/110

    Grace: 6:34
    About 7 with 95# then went to 85#

  30. Nichole Dyer says:



  31. Cara says:

    Strength: 95/105/105/115/120

    Grace: 3:45
    First Rx’d Grace! Last recorded time was 7:16 @ 83#. Dropped all from the top. Had to adjust weight clips once.

  32. Shea says:

    Strength: 85–>125#
    Grace: 4:29 Rx (PR)

  33. slchampine says:

    5:16 Rx

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