2016 July 14 WOD

Posted: July 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Run 800m
4 Rope Climbs
40 feet of DB Weighted Walking Lunges

  1. Jesse G says:

    40# DB’s

  2. Jim D says:

    40# DB’s

  3. Lucas Holland says:

    Metcon – 24:50 rx w/ 70# db

  4. Tanya says:

    25# DB

  5. Kent says:


    rope climbs – 8 standard; 16 on the short rope (from the ground);

  6. Shea says:

    25# db’s
    Legs felt heavy on the runs!

  7. Bobby says:

    Metcon: 29:09 Rx – 72# KBWL – runs were slow

  8. Nichole Dyer says:

    1.00 mile bike
    4 L seat one arm DB press-#20
    40′ walking lunges -#20

    Big shout out to Joy this morning. Did mostly rope climbs like a champ even when wanting to give up. πŸ‹πŸ’ͺ

  9. LA says:

    Metcon- 24:20 pink

  10. Joy says:

    4 RFT: 42:23 (Let’s just say this was a battle and I have the scars to prove it.)

    Run 800m
    4 Rope Climbs: Rounds 1, 3, and most of 4 all rope climbs, round 2: short rope and the last pull for round 4 was the short rope
    40 feet of DB Weighted Walking Lunges: 15#

    I’ve only done rope climbs when working strength or before or after classes. This was the first workout to go up the rope for a wod. Aggravated but proud. My cheerleaders def. kept me motivated.

  11. Rob H. says:

    Did yesterday’s workout since I still can’t run and I need all the oly work I can get.
    1rd+10+10+10+5. Rx
    DUS 50/30/25
    GHD 20/20/15
    30 cal row βœ”
    I stunk it up today. I should have gotten 2rds+. But on a positive note 6 months ago there’s no way I would have tried rx with all these movements above my head

  12. Cara says:

    20# DB Lunges – accidentally went 80 feet the first set of lunges – whoops

  13. Luke B says:

    24:51 legless climbs 45# kettlebell overhead walking lunges

  14. Sabrina says:

    23:49 w/#30 db!
    FELT GOOD TO GIVE 110% today.

  15. Blake Stegall says:

    30:48 rx no jump rope climbs and 72# kb

  16. jkb says:

    4 rounds in 39:33
    800m run….last 2rnds included some mall walking
    4 rope climbs: rnds 1&3 were big girl climbs, 2&4 were short rope 3:1
    40′ db lunges #20

    Personal victory on the rope climbs! First time to do multiples in a WOD.

  17. Missy Champine says:

    4 RFT
    I did 3 Rds – 33:11
    Walk/jogged 800m x2/ rowed 1000m
    12 Rope Climbs from the floor
    40 feet of DB Weighted Walking Lunges w/20# DB’s

  18. MLDay says:

    4 RFT
    .75 airdyne (sub for knee)
    4 rope climbs
    15 sit ups with #20 Med ball

  19. Patrick M says:

    26:36 runs, rope climbs, 40# dumbbells for lunges.

  20. Brett Christensen says:

    Snatch work 2 every 90 sec times 6 @ 170
    4 min rest
    Squat Clean and jerk same format @ 215
    4 min rest
    100 OHS @ 95 for time = 10:something

  21. Megan says:

    Only did 3 rds 33:35 it was to hot for me πŸ™„

    3 – 800 meter runs last one I had to
    Stop twice to cool
    Off for a sec I refused to walk

    3rds of 4 rope climbs each rd

    25# DBs walking lunges

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