Special Agent De’Greaun “Dee” Frazier Memorial WOD

Posted: August 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

We, in partnership with the TBI and several other CrossFit gyms across the state, will be completing a fundraiser WOD today in memory of SA Frazier. He was killed in the line of duty on August 9th here in Jackson. 

There will be a $20 suggested donation today and all members are encouraged to attend if possible and bring your friends. The workout will be scalable for anyone to complete. We would just like to work hard in the memory of a man that made the ultimate sacrifice trying to make our hometown a better, safer place. All money raised will go directly to his family. 

40 Squats
30 Hand Release Push-Ups
20 Burpees
Run 400 meters

  1. Bobby says:

    31:10 – not weighted

  2. slchampine says:


  3. MLDay says:

    Hate that he was killed in our town but glad we could honor him here!
    Prayers for his family. Grateful for his service

  4. Joshua G says:

    PU: strict first round, rolling second, knees third and fourth

  5. Kent says:


    Mixed push-ups & sit-ups.

    In honor of Dee.

  6. Carrie says:

    Scaled all rounds

  7. jkeel 42/5'9/175ish says:

    Started 4:00 behind.
    Ran it with 30+ lb. plate carrier and mags.
    Forgot to check the time when I ran in but Josie said it was 37 min and some change. So I’ll round it to 38 and minus the 4 min start delay puts about 32:ish.

    Amazing turn out and performances today. Proud to be a part of it.

    Remember the fallen and live a life that would respect their sacrifice.

  8. Shea says:

    Thank you Dee

  9. Bryce miller says:

    4 rounds



    Thank you for honoring us with your life. May you rest in piece.

  10. Brett Christensen says:

    30:35 w/out a vest. 1st round was fast then I just kinda settled in and enjoyed the atmosphere. What an awesome community we have in CrossFit. Silent prayers during squats and really proud to be apart of this.

    @ home
    Power Snatches:
    70% * 2 = 130/75% * 2 = 140/80% for 4 singles = 150
    Power Clean & Push Jerk:
    75% for 5 sets of 2 drop from the top each time = 200
    Snatch grip push press + OHS:
    70% 3+1 = 170/75% 3+1 = 185/80% 3+1 = 195
    6 * 1 min faster pace/1 min relaxing pace. Tried to stay between 1:45/1:50 pace


  11. Kim says:

    2rds or hrpu, rolling
    2rds of butterfly situs
    Many thanks for Dee and his service and the opportunity to give back in his memory.

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