Labor Day – One WOD at 9:00!

Posted: September 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

We will not be running a full schedule today. Come see us this morning at 9:00 and then go master your day!

  1. Mark G says:

    3:45 800m

    400m run
    50 weighted box steps 20′ box 35# weight
    40 strict T2B ( mostly strict)
    600m run
    30 ring push-ups
    20 strict pull-ups
    800m run (3:45)

  2. Kimberley says:

    Run 400
    20# box steps 16″
    Knee raises
    Run 600
    Jumping pull-ups
    Run 800

  3. Joe E says:

    400m run
    50 box stands #45 plate
    40 TTB’s stop and go’s
    600m run
    30 ring push-ups 15 on rings 15 on db’s
    20 CTB all 20 jumping
    800m run (4:18)

  4. Jesse G says:

    29:52 (4:32 run)
    45# plate / 24″ box
    Kipping T2B
    Ring PU
    Strict C2B

  5. Sara M. says:

    400m run
    50 weighted step ups (25# plate @ 20″)
    40 strict knees to chest (no kipping/swinging)
    600m run
    30 strict dumbbell push-ups
    20 c2b (10 strict RR to chest from floor/10 jumping c2b)
    800m run (5:40)
    Total time – 31:36 (includes 800m run time)

    Did as many movements as I could as strict as possible. Knees to chest were sets of 3-4 as I focused on not kipping/swinging to get knees up. (Tough!) Dumbbell push-ups were slow (sets of 2-3), but I kept them strict. No roll ups today. πŸ‘πŸ» Jumping c2b tried to control the descent.

    Runs sucked as always😜🐒

    Thanks for a good, sweaty WOD!πŸ’ͺ🏻

  6. Tanya says:

    Partnered with ML
    32:54 total time
    25# plate, 20″ box
    TTB mostly strict
    Ring push-ups used box, not quite parallel to floor
    Strict chin over bar, mix of grips
    800 was 3:37

    • MLDay says:

      Always fun to partner with friends!!

      Same as T except
      Step ups alternated 15#db with #25 plate
      TTB had to really think to try and get strict
      Pull Ups strict but iniate from stand, not hang

  7. Justin Harrison says:

    29:00 with mostly strict PU, unable to maintain C2B, other movements as Rx’d
    4:21 800m

  8. Shea says:

    @ home 28:05
    25# plate w/20″ step ups
    Strict T2b (mostly singles & took longest)
    Ring PU
    Strict chin over bar mixed grip
    800 m run in 3:50

  9. stefgatlin says:

    24:40 – total includes final run
    3:55 – final 800
    25# plate – 20″ box
    Worked strict T2B with straight legs for first half, then switched to kipping T2B
    Ring PU’s
    Strict chin over bar

  10. H2 says:

    Partnered with Jenn
    25:08 total time
    400 m run
    50 box step ups (25#plate-swapped to 25#kb)
    40 k2c
    600 m run
    30 push ups
    20 pull ups (10 black band + 10 jumping)
    800 m run (5:05- I ran into a prob πŸ’© slowed me down ☹️)

  11. Elisabeth says:

    16″ box step ups with 12# Dumbbells. Don’t know why I didn’t just use a 25# plate lol
    Knee raises
    Push ups I did holding onto Dumbbells
    Jumping pull-ups

    Fun little lung burner!

  12. Megan says:

    All runs
    18 or 20″ box steps with 25# plate
    20# ball slams in place of T2B
    45# plate push ups
    5 ugly strict pull ups / 15 Kipping

  13. LA says:

    25# db for box
    Strict rx
    Redo on 7 missed PU

  14. Cara says:

    28:50 total time
    24:50 + 4:00 run

    20″ box steps w/25# plate – unbroken
    T2B – not strict
    DB push-ups – all to the ground
    C2B pull-ups – all kipping, had at least 5 no reps that I had to redo

  15. jkeel 42/5'9/175ish says:

    Lost my note with the times but best I can recall…
    Started 7:30 behind
    24:30 something to complete.
    4:01 on the 800m run.
    Everything was strict but my T2Bs ended up with some knee bend towards the end.
    As rxd as I could muster.

  16. Brett Christensen says:

    Partnered with Lucas doubled reps 28:34 & 32:31 I think
    Lifting at home

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