2016 November 10 WOD

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Hero: “Walkup”

100 Double-Unders
75 KB Swings (72/53)
50 Over Bar Burpees
40 Toes to Bar
30 Power Cleans (185/135)
10 Muscle Ups
5 Rope Climbs 15′
Compare to April 6, 2013

As included in our original post in 2013:

Never forget that these “heroes” are friends and family to many and are missed greatly. These workouts in their honor are just a small way that crossfitters honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and way of life we enjoy each day. It’s always nice to know a little about the man behind the WOD…

Walkup’s Story Written by John Dill Former CPT, 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment

I first met Frank Walkup IV in the Infantry Officer Basic Course at Ft. Benning GA. We were assigned to the same squad and were around each other constantly day in and day out. We trained together during the week and drank together in Columbus on the weekends we weren’t in the field. I’ve never met anyone quite like Walkup. He was a country boy, straight outta Tennessee, and he was cool as a polar bear’s toe nails and as smooth as Johnny mother f****n Cash. He never let anybody or any situation make him sweat. Not the ARMY, the heat, the cold, the rain. Nothing could wipe his million dollar smile off his face, but the man was deep too. Underneath his calm cool demeanor was strength of character and worldly wisdom well beyond his years. He was the oldest of ten kids and he took over the role of protector and parent with his siblings. He talked about them and his father all the time and when he did there was no mistaking the love in his voice. He looked at the world with a clear lens and a sharp wit. He believed that leaving things you cared about or needed to happen up to chance or destiny was bullshit. He believed in going after what you wanted, standing up for what you believed in, and defending the people you loved with every ounce of your being and every drop of fight you had until every option was exhausted and he believed every option was never exhausted.

The last time I saw him we were both in Ranger School. We had both been recycled our first time through the Darby Phase and had spent the last few weeks living in the recycles’ barracks, doing work details together, and talking about our friends and family while we waited for the next class to start. We talked about how once we’d gotten out of the military we’d start our own small construction company and work and raise our kids together. We talked about how the simple things were all we really needed. Our next time through Darby I had managed to get recycled again, and he had gotten his “go” and was leaving for Mountain phase the next day. He snuck out of his barracks in the middle of the night and somehow found me in a pitch black barracks full of other recycled Ranger students. I woke up to him sitting on my bunk. There was a smile on his face but concern in his eyes. He told me he didn’t care how I did it but to make sure I got the hell outta there. He said, “I love you brother”, gave me a hug and then he was gone.

That was the last time I ever saw him in person. He went on to Mountain phase the next day and straight through to Florida phase and graduation. By the time I finally graduated Walkup had already been assigned his first rifle platoon with the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii; had moved there with his newlywed wife and had deployed to Iraq. He called me from Iraq a few times a month over the next year while I was training up with my Platoon in the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg in NC. From what he said but more from what he didn’t say, I could tell they were in the shit pretty good over there and were suffering some casualties, yet somehow he was able to maintain his same calm cool demeanor. He would have me literally laughing out loud at some point in every conversation. The last weekend before I deployed for Iraq I missed his call and he left me a long ass message. I’ll never forget the sound of his thick Tennessee accent on that message. He said a lot but all I really remember as clear as day is him saying, “Listen to me, DON’T COME TO IRAQ, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO JUST DON’T COME HERE”. He said it in a way that he knew would make me laugh but at the same time I could hear a subtle truth in his voice as he said it. I still can’t get his voice saying those words out of my head.

Two weeks later I was in Kuwait with my platoon waiting to be moved into theatre, and I got an email from Frank’s wife, “I’m so sorry to have to tell you like this but I don’t know what else to do. Frank was killed today by an IED. Please call me as soon as you get this.” I called her immediately and sat there powerlessly on the phone in a tent in the middle of the night in Kuwait as her tears ripped my soul outta my chest. 1LT Frank Walkup IV died on June 16th 2007 in Kirkuk, Iraq from injuries sustained in Rashaad, Iraq from an improvised explosive device. Walkup was a Leader and a Warrior in every sense of the words. Below is an anonymous quote that was posted to his memorial site by one of his men:

“He cared about his platoon more then he cared about himself. He would do anything no matter if it was as small as giving you his last smoke or as big as pulling guard for you just cause you were having a bad day. He was a loving husband. He was always talking about how much he loved his wife and how he couldn’t wait to get back to her. Myself and the rest of the guys would have followed him anywhere and done anything he asked without so much as a blink of an eye. Not out of duty, but out of just a diehard love and respect for the man. My heart and prayer go out to his wife and family; he will never be forgotten and will be sorely missed.”

  1. Jennie says:

    Hate I’m missing this one; can’t wait to make it up this week.

    Had to settle for a wod in the hotel gym.
    A lot of:
    25# DB Squat Clean Thrusters
    Strict Pull-Ups
    Hollow Holds

  2. Mark Goff says:

    135# PC

  3. Jesse G says:

    Good reminder this morning that freedom ain’t free. Thank you, Frank Walkup.

    53# RKBS
    135# PC
    All other elements as prescribed

  4. Mlday says:

    Thank you Officer Frank Walkup. Grateful for your sacrificial service.

    31:11 (I think)
    105# cleans
    Some HSPU were with feet coming off/away from wall
    All else RX

  5. Doug Barnwell says:

    Walkup: 46:28 (RX except with bar MUs)

    Retested Front Squat 1RM: 360# PR

    Ring MU exercises and benchpress

  6. Tanya says:

    Some modifications/scales as follows:
    53# KB between Russian & vertical
    TTB 1st 20 worked more on swing/rhythm–toes didn’t touch on most. 2nd 20 singles
    103# PC
    10 C2B/10 RD for MU

  7. Justin Harrison says:

    43:54 w/ bar MU

  8. Brett Christensen says:

    32:47 Rx’d

    Thanks Frank

  9. Shea says:

    53# KB (most were full swings but a few were about 3/4.
    105# PC
    Subbed 10 C2b & 10 RD for MU

  10. Kent says:

    700 yard swim
    25 yrds x 28.

  11. Kim says:

    Sub for MU=Feet on box -10 chest to rings & 10 jump up to extension and lower myself down (no toe assist)
    Rope climb (tall rope)

  12. Joshua G says:


    100 DU’s Rx
    53# KB Swings
    T2B Rx
    135# PC’s
    HSPU Rx
    Spun my wheels on muscle ups for at least five minutes, had about ten failed attempts. Did 10x chest-to-bar + ring dip instead.
    Rope climbs Rx

  13. The Haggs says:

    Joe 30:13
    115# PC, 45# KB, C2B, Ring dips

    Hollie 28:30
    95# PC, 35# KB, Ring Rows and push ups

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