2016 December 17 WOD

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We have free yoga at 8:00. We will have our normal WOD times, 9:00 and 10:30. Come ready to WOD to a 12 Days of Christmas themed WOD.

Our Christmas party will follow the 10:30 WOD. Please bring food to share. We will be exchanging gifts Dirty Santa style, so bring a ~$10 gift if you want to get in on the gift stealing/giving!


“12 Days of Christmas”

1 Rope Climb
2 Handstand Push-ups
3 24″ Box Jumps
4 Pull-ups
5 Burpees
6 Toes to Bar
7 Wall Balls (20/14)
8 KB Swings (53/35)
9 Overhead Lunges (per side, 45/35 Plate)
10 Front Squats (95/65)
11 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
12 Power Snatches (95/65)

Compare to December 19, 2015

Perform just like the song:
4-3-2-1 and so on.

Always start with the new movement and work your way back down.

  1. Jennie says:

    Completed on Wednesday afternoon
    29:52 RX
    24″ jumps
    All unbroken except snatches and last set of lunges.

  2. Kent says:

    45:22; scaled. compares to 50:15 last time, similar scale
    Rope climbsx3 from sitting
    HS push-ups ranged from that to off knees from bench
    About 1/2 tn, knees to elbows
    45# KB
    OH lunge,25#, 9 total
    65# fs, hpc’s, snatches

  3. Mark Goff says:

    48:39 PR

    All rx except snatches was 65# and I jumped on 20″ box.

  4. Kimberley says:

    3:1 short rope climbs
    A frame HSPU
    16″ box steps
    Knee raises
    10# WB
    25# KBS
    15# OHL
    55# FS (UB) HPC (UB), Snatch

    Fun WOD!!

  5. Andrew Tran says:


    15# WB
    35# KB
    35# OHWL
    75# FS, cleans, snatch

  6. Bobby says:

    36:58 Rx – back locked up pretty bad half way through – (2015: 36:52, 2014: 41:44)

  7. Monique says:

    I think I finished in 68:50something…

    -All rope climbs
    -Upside downs but no pushup, straight elbow movements
    -All 20″ jumps
    -A lot of jumping pull ups but switched to ring rows maybe on round 9 bc my soulder was feeling weird
    -Attempts of toes to bar, never made contact with that bar though
    -unbroken wallballs!!
    -35lb kettle bell
    -15lb plate
    -65lbs for squats
    -65lbs for cleans
    -55lbs for snatches

  8. Doug Barnwell says:

    Drop-in at Crossfit Cullman

    Power Snatch:
    1RM @ 200# (PR)

    Back Squat:
    2×5 @ 295#
    3×5 @ 305#

    4×10 @ 315#

    5 RFT
    3 HSPUs (subbed 6 HRPUs)
    6 DLs (225#)
    12 Pull-ups
    24 DUs

  9. Groves says:

    52:24 I think. RX. Not a pr but I felt exponentially better during this.

  10. Mlday says:

    All Rx except held 35# at chest, not OH

    First time in wod with all hanging fr high bar and all rx lipping HSPU

    Merry Christmas CFJ friends!

  11. Shea says:

    37:34 Rx w/24″ box jumps
    PR by about 2 min

  12. Tanya says:


    20″ box
    Had to repeat 5 HPC bc I didn’t stand up & complete reps
    Had to make up 36 lunges afterwards bc I only did 9 per rd instead of the 18. These are included in time posted above.

  13. Jesse G says:

    55:14 Rx
    Not a PR. No energy today, moved very slowly, but thankful to be able to participate.

  14. stefgatlin says:

    42:34 Rx – Always one of my favorite days at CFJ!

  15. Lucas Holland says:


  16. jkeel 42/5'9/175ish says:

    Started 5 min later and immediately went rogue and messed up restarted somewhere between 6 and 7 min.

    42:17 I think

    Good one to come back to after a week of traveling and not working out.

  17. Brett Christensen says:

    1.) Solo after work 31:45 Rx’d everything unbroken but the snatches, PR! Merry Christmas y’all! One of these years I’ll actually get to do this with the class. My breathing was way out of control on the last 2 rounds.
    2.) 5 × 5 unbroken MU went every 3 minutes and played with dog during the rests
    3.) ROMWOD

  18. Kim says:

    Did this Wednesday with Jennie and Megan
    37:43 was finish time but started 45seconds after Jennie to not clutter the rope.
    This is a HUGH PR for me!! Last year my time was 53:41 and 1abmat.

  19. Monte says:



  20. The Haggs says:

    Joe 45:13
    Hollie 45:07

    1st time doing this workout- it was a blast!!!

  21. Joshua G says:

    Completed on Dec. 20th, 2016

    12 Days of Christmas:
    44:05, RX!

    2015’s score:
    45:00, very not Rx

    Everything unbroken except for oly lifts (I think. There might have been a rogue T2B or HSPU in there somewhere…)

    Front squats: unbroken round 1, 5/5 rounds 2 & 3
    High hang cleans: 6/5 both rounds — went straight into front squats
    Power snatch: 3/3/singles…

  22. Megan says:

    51:59 ?? Rxd
    Started about a min after so 50:59?

    I wanted to quit 47 times but thank you Jennie for not letting me and to you and Kim for cheering me on !!

  23. Cara says:


    HSPUS – worked the negative down
    20″ box – ugh, didn’t realize it was supposed to be 24″
    Everything else rx’d

    This is a 12-13 minute pr on time, but last time I scaled a few things and did too little of weight on the snatches.

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