2016 December 20 WOD

Posted: December 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Odd: 10-16 Pistols
Even: 6-10 Handstand Push-ups


Stick around and get flexy with us!

  1. Doug Barnwell says:

    12 Days of Christmas:
    41:19 RX

  2. Tanya says:

    odd: 10 pistols
    even: 6 kipping HSPU. 8 rds UB then 4/2, 3/2/1


  3. bigdolan says:

    6 hspu, all unbroken
    6 feet together squats

  4. Matt g says:

    I swapped all movements to:
    Heavy goblet squats (think it was the second heaviest kb)
    Bench press at 50% 1rm (135lbs)

    Cut out on the romwod due to having to be somewhere at 12:30

  5. Joe E says:

    Metcon: participated

    Romwod: present

  6. jkeel 42/5'9/175ish says:

    EMOM as rx’d
    8 pistols each leg
    10 HSPU’s started kipping im minute 14.

    PR’d romwod with my flawless breathing technique.

  7. Jennie says:

    4 rounds of 10 HSPU, 6 rounds of 15 sit ups (r shoulder)
    4-8 alternating pistols every round

  8. Matt Z. says:

    Pistols 10 or 12
    HSPU 6 for a couple, 8 mostly, 10 for 2, 12 last
    Mobilized some

  9. Mlday says:

    Crossfit 5th Ave

    3 position Snatch emom 12 (65/75/85)

    Gas Pedal
    Snatch 65#
    Over box jumps 20″

  10. Joshua G says:

    12 Days of Christmas:
    44:05, RX!

    2015’s score:
    45:00, very not Rx

    Everything unbroken except for oly lifts (I think. There might have been a rogue T2B or HSPU in there somewhere…)

    Front squats: unbroken round 1, 5/5 rounds 2 & 3
    High hang cleans: 6/5 both rounds — went straight into front squats
    Power snatch: 3/3/singles…

  11. Marcia Jo says:

    Odd: Did 6-10 each leg (most rounds at least 8-10 but probably for 2 rounds only 6). Used band to catch myself in the squat. This is the first way I’ve ever been able to do one on my left leg so yay! Still had to use my hand on the rig; it may have something to do with my ankle?? I can’t be sure. Right leg pistols were done handless like normal; didn’t have to use the band but did because it would’ve taken too much time to move. And this is the most pistols I’ve ever done in a workout sooooo probably did need that band even on the right leg by the end. Sorry for the novel.
    Even: kicked up 2-3 rounds, like push-ups the rest

  12. Kimberley says:

    Pistols on a box 10 per round
    Seated presses @15# 6 per round

    Romwod ✔

  13. Haley says:

    EMOM: did pistols with my foot halfway off the mat. I tried to get at least 10 in each time.
    HSPU: kipping with abmat then some tripod things. The amount varied with these. My wrist were feeling weak.

    I got swole and flexy afterward.

  14. Joy says:

    Pistols: mostly using low box 10-12 per round, one round of feet together squats
    HSPU: mixed up rounds with working neg/kipping HSPU and L-sit (20#)

    Romwod: done

  15. Brett Christensen says:

    1.) Row conditioning:
    8 rounds of
    1:40 work :20 rest w/ 2 min rest after the 5th round.
    478/467/469/460/460/481/459/454. Goal was to stay over 450m
    2.) Bike conditioning
    7 rounds of
    20 cals & :40 rest
    3.) ROMWOD

  16. Patrick Moody says:

    10 pistols all the way thru
    6 Kipping hspu till min 13 then dropped down to 4 Kipping hspu. Last Rd got 6 hspu

    Did romwod.

  17. Cara says:

    16 Feet together squats each round
    HSPUS – Just did negative downs


    Some dancing & Skill work!

  18. Shea says:

    EMOM was done but I felt like my head was gonna explode on the HSPU-sinus stuff
    started with 6 HSPU each round for first 5 rounds then alt l-sit DB press at 20# and 4 HSPU for the next 5 rounds
    pistols were 12 the first round and 10 the rest

  19. Barb Beiter says:

    COACH – Todd
    Metcon EMOMx20
    Odd: 10-16 Pistols used rings for support
    Even: 6-10 Handstand Push-ups did “frog”, then P/u

    Stick around and get flexy with us!

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