Nutrition Coaching

Posted: January 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

We will not be having a nutrition challenge this year. We feel that in the past challenges the majority of people have gone to extreme to “win” and have not successfully worked through learning what works to create a successful long term plan for their health. We have seen great results in the short term but very few have created sustainable nutrition habits.

We are offering two options for anyone that is interested in tackling a nutrition goal this season: 15 minute one-on-one appointments and individualized full nutrition coaching. 

If you would like to have your body fat measured and/or if you are already working on a certain nutrition plan but would like to go over any specific questions you have about your plan, a 15 minute appointment would be great for your needs. Our 15 minute one-on-one appointments are $10/session. Schedule via email or text from the time slots below.

If you would like to have a nutrition coach that would provide answers to questions as needed, check your nutrition numbers each week, offer advice on modifying and progressing each week, measure your body fat at the start and finish, the individualized coaching option would best meet your needs. At this time there are 5 spots available at $30 for the remainder of January. If additional time is needed, an additional $20 will cover coaching through February 22nd. 

Email to sign up for either option.

Available 15 minute sessions:
Monday 1/9 – 8:10a, 9:35a, 11:10a, 4:00p, 6:30p.
Tuesday 1/10 – 6:40a, 9:40a, 4:00p, 6:30p
Wed 1/11 – 6:25a, 12:15p, 12:30p
Thurs 1/12 – 5:40a, 8:00a
Sat 1/14 – 8:30a, 10:10a, 11:45a

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!


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