Sunday Funday

Posted: March 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

We’ll open the doors at 1:00 today for anyone that would like to do 17.4. We plan to be locking up and leaving at 3:00 so we’ll start the last heat no later than 2:30.

You’re going to want to be at Friday Night Lights this week for 17.5! We’ll be doing a drawing for a free month at CFJ!

The bonus challenge this week will be a hard one. Have you considered how much of a role sleep plays in your health, performance and recovery? And as an extension of that consideration, what all negatively impacts how much and what quality sleep you get?

This week, get your team 1 point per night for omitting electronics the hour before bed. No screen time in your last hour. Sunday – Wednesday night. And as a bonus for those that complete it all 4 nights…5 points instead of 4. One night=1 point, two nights=2 points, 3 nights=3 points, 4 nights=5 points. Create a habit. Or break one.


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