2017 March 29 WOD

Posted: March 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Run 600 meters
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
12 Handstand Push-ups
Compare to March 28, 2016

  1. Lauren Phillips says:

    Used an ab mat for HSPU for all but 3 reps

  2. Shank says:

    METCON: 30:24
    C2Bs – RX
    HSPUs – RX rounds 1-3. Used the box for rounds 4 and 5

  3. Kent says:

    Standing rr’s
    L-sit pp, 8#
    Post: 50 sit-ups as 25/15/10.

  4. The Haggs says:

    33:12 KPU/C2B

    2 rds 6 HSPU, 6 aframe
    1 rd HSPU
    2 rds HSPU with 1 ab mat

  5. Mark Goff says:

    35:23 rx
    Most of my C2B touched

  6. Mlday says:

    34:something (I think)
    First time doing C2B and HSPU rx in a wod.

  7. Rob H. says:

    2k row @home for time
    *Aerobic capacity needs work

  8. Kimberley says:

    Metcon 32:38
    Ran 400M each round (first time running in 3 months, no ankle issues today)
    12 JPU
    12 HSPU from the box

    Nice warm-up- felt kinda like a mini WOD

  9. Blake Lambert says:

    3mi Ruck Run @ 45#

    Metcon – Under 35min
    C2B most touched
    HSPU mostly RX (biggest hurdle on time)
    600m felt good.

  10. Marcia Jo says:


    39 seconds slower…..but I did strict seated ring pull-ups tonight which I’ve never done before and 25# seated DB presses.

    I feel pretty good about it.

  11. Jennie says:

    4:30 class (thanks Brett)
    3 rds RX’d in about 15:30
    Calf was cramping so bad I could barely run and it was almost as bad trying to kip the HSPU. Sat out for 2 minutes. Walked 200 meters the last 2 rounds but completed other movements.
    Around 29 minutes.

  12. Jimmy H says:

    Ran 600m
    6 strict ring pullups and 6 kipping for 3 rds then chest to bar for other 2 rds
    L-presses 40lbs dbs

  13. Bobby says:

    WOD: 33:30 Rx – running is my weakness – HSPUs got slow at the end. Thanks for the push Blake.

    Row 2500m: split 1000/1000/500 – first 2k at 2:00 pace last 500 in around 1:40 or so.

  14. Megan says:

    1:09 sec PR from last time I’ll take the little PR ( baby steps 😬)
    -Last time did half or less C2B pull-ups then lipped the rest
    – today alternated rounds all C2Bs and all ring pull ups with false grip

    HSPUs rxd and easiest part of this again

  15. Tanya says:

    Few C2B rd 1 & 2, then hand ripped. Stop to doctor that-thanks Bobby. Chin over bar PU after that.
    Kipping HSPU rx’d

  16. Matt Z. says:


  17. Brett Christensen says:

    1.) 3 rounds to warm up
    200m run
    10 clusters @ 95
    10 box jumps
    2.) 3 person team WOD switching every rep with Ben, Lucas and I of
    45 clean and jerks @ 225
    Time = 7:20
    3.) 3 person team 25 min AMRAP of
    5 SHSPUs
    10 box jump overs at 30″
    15 FS @ 135
    Next person starts when the one in front of them gets to the FS.
    25 rounds + 5 + 6
    4.) 3 person team row
    7500m switching every 500m, used more as a cool down than anything.
    5.) ROMWOD

  18. Bob says:

    42:24 rx
    Running needs lots of work

  19. Cara says:

    14:47 – Only had time for 3 rounds

    25# Seated db strict presses
    20 sit-ups

    Shoulders are killing me. Made it through two rope climbs on the warm up and had to stop. Using this week as a recovery week. Just trying to keep moving!

  20. Kim says:

    KPU/box HSPU from toes(terrible)

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