2017 June 1 WOD

Posted: May 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

Minute 1: 12 Kettlebell Front Rack Lunges (53’s/35’s)
Minute 2: 12 Ring or Deficit Push-ups
Minute 3: 12 Dumbbell Box Step-ups (40’s/30’s)
Minute 4: 45 second Plank
Minute 5: Rest

*Find 2-3 partners to share same equipment with and everyone start at a different station. Regardless of what station you start at, move through all 4 stations and then rest. Everyone will rest together on minute 5.



  1. Tanya says:

    Lunges 20#x2/25#x2
    Strict pushup
    30# stepup 20″
    Plank-no breaks


  2. Mark Goff says:

    Did DL from yesterday posted there

  3. Haley says:

    Lunges: 20# KBs
    Did mostly ring push-ups but one round with strict push-ups and some backward hand push-ups
    20 or 25# DB on a 20″ for 2 / 18″ for 2

    Then got swole and flexy 💪🏽

  4. stefgatlin says:

    Lunges – 20# kbs
    Pushups – 3 rounds deficit on parallettes and one round on rings
    Step ups – 20# DBs – 20″ box
    Plank – 45 second no break


  5. Luke B says:

    EMOM @home – completed with 20# vest & 65# sandbag

    5rds not for time
    20 perfect push-ups
    100m sprint
    Rest is walk back to start line.

  6. Blake says:

    10min Bike HIIT
    Warmed up Deadlift with 225
    4x 405 DL attempts
    3×3 315 DL

    Worked on hollow body position on the bar.


    First bar muscle up! Strung three in a row… did several doubles.

    Metcon RX
    Felt good!

  7. slchampine says:

    30# DB Step Ups
    35#’ish (red) KB lunges

    Thanks to the 6am crew for letting an afternooner join you this morning.

  8. Megan says:

    Metcon complete with crew as my weight
    -Two rds of planks , two rds of weighted sit ups
    – two rds strict push ups , two rds ring push ups

  9. Sara M. says:

    Super sore from the last two days… came in to get moving (work the soreness out) and to do ROMWOD

    * Did mobility
    * Biked 4 miles in 17:10 (moderate pace)
    * In between each mile, I did 10 hollow rocks & 3 banana rolls (hollow hold roll to superman and back – holding each position for 2-3 sec)
    * ROMWOD

  10. Joy says:

    Minute 1: 12 Kettlebell Front Rack Lunges: 18#
    Minute 2: 12 Ring or Deficit Push-ups
    Minute 3: 12 Dumbbell Box Step-ups: 20″ box, 15#
    Minute 4: 45 second Plank: side planks
    Minute 5: Rest

    Prewod: tested DL (posted on Weds. Blog)

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