Buffalo River trip – CFJ closed Saturday

Posted: June 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

For those of you that will be going to the Buffalo river with us this Saturday, you might want to read through this post if you’ve never been. 

For those of you that have not signed up, we still have extra canoes reserved if you would like to go. We have several individuals wanting to go so maybe some of y’all can partner up OR you can rent a kayak from them and go solo. If you rent or bring your own kayak, my understanding is the cost is the same. If it is less, I will obviously give you your change!

IT IS SUPPOSED TO RAIN so we will make a decision Friday about whether or not we’ll go. We typically go if there’s a small chance of sporadic rain but will cancel in the event of lots of rain. It’s not fun in heavy rain. 

We will meet at 7:15 at exit 108 in the Patty’s (restaurant) parking lot. Get off the exit and take a right; Patty’s will be on your left after the Dollar General Store. We will be leaving there at 7:30. We canoe out of Heath’s Canoe Rental in Lobelville. It’s 7ish miles off of exit 143. You do not have to meet us at 108 but we must all be at Heath’s to check in by 8:30. Do not be late.

The cost is $45 per canoe…not per person and must be cash. You will pay me on the morning of and I will make one payment for our trip. This covers the cost of a cushion to sit on. 

Things to consider bringing:
-Food and drinks for 9 hours
-Garbage bag for your boat
-Bungee straps to hold all of your stuff to your canoe in the event of a flip. Don’t forget these.
-Clean and dry clothes/towel to leave in the car for the trip home
-Cheap sunglasses
-Hat, long sleeve shirt in case of sunburn
-Dry box/bag for your phone
-Regular flip flops are not advised, you need something with a back strap so it will stay on when you walk through water. Some people are fine with flip flops.
-Cash payment

Let us know if you have any questions.


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