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Hey guys! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! We had a group of 8 in fundamentals today so expect to see some new faces in your classes this week and welcome them in to the mix!

This Saturday, July 22, we will have bunco at Tanya’s pool for the CFJ ladies. Bring $5 cash, a snack to share and your own drink. We can teach you how to play…it’s fun! All CFJ ladies are welcome! We will meet 1-3. Please be there no later than 1:15 if you want to be in on the bunco.

Progenex was running a special on their bars so I’m passing it along to y’all. While supplies last, all bars are 2 for $3. You can mix and match any of the 4 flavors. I have to leave them in the office so they don’t melt but a coach can help you before or after class if you are interested. You can read about the flavors and nutrition info here.

Also, beginning Monday, July 17th we will be selling 10 drink punch cards for FitAid and Kill Cliff for $25 and FitAid RX for $30. It’s the same initial price as you are paying now. The benefit is that when you’ve completed your card, you can redeem it for a free drink so basically you’ll be getting a 10% discount for prepaying. 

If you are interested, you can ask any coach to get you a card. You will prepay for the card ($25 or $30) and then date a box each time you get a drink. Then, just turn the card in to us for a free can when you’ve used all 10 boxes. The cards will stay on the table in the little red box in the picture until I find a “real” basket/box/tray that it will fit in.

We have always operated on the honor system and will continue to do so until we just can’t anymore. Please make sure you are paying daily for your drinks or marking your card if you choose this new route. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

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