2017 August 24 WOD

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Bike for 25 minutes
Odd object work
Teams of 2, AMRAP 5 @ each station
Pull-ups, Sled Push, Sandbag/Ball over Shoulder, Yoke/Barbell Overhead Carry, KB Farmer’s Carry Walking Lunges**

**If you are feeling excessive grip fatigue from the Toes to Bar & Kettlebell Swings, feel fee to substitute Front Rack Walking Lunges.

  1. Megan P. says:

    Odd object carry
    Lauren P
    PU 101 (Kipping and ring pu)
    Sled 14
    Sandbag ov shoulder #60 53
    Yoke/bb carry #75 5
    Kb farmer carry lunges #45 120

  2. Doug Barnwell says:

    AMRAP 5×5*
    Yoke Overhead Carry (+80#) = 450′
    KB Farmer’s Carry Walking Lunges (70s) = 35 walking lunges
    Pull-ups = 50
    Sled Push (+230#) = 600′
    Sandbag over Shoulder (100#) = 22

    *Worked with Joshua and Chad. We used different equipment/weights/movements. The numbers above reflect my work. I’m not sure what their scores were.

    • Doug Barnwell says:

      Power Cleans:

      Push Press:

      Push Jerk:
      2×4@185# (missed #5 both times)

  3. J Guthrie says:

    Came and did stuff. Worked with Doug and Chad but didn’t keep exact scores. Just put in work.

    Some yoke shoulder carries (+80#) and some yoke overhead carries (without weights)
    45#’s for the farmer’s carry walking lunges
    Subbed ring rows for pull-ups due to ripped hands: 53 reps
    Sled push (+230#)
    Sandbag over shoulder started with 50# but went up to 100# after a few reps. Not sure exactly how many reps I got but it was probably around 10.

  4. Tanya says:

    With Sabrina. Super fun!

    Total reps 306.5
    I forgot to get exact breakdown before I left so maybe Sabrina knows.
    sandbag 76# 64
    Yoke 11 I did 2 yoke overhead, 2 yoke on shoulders, 1 75# BB overhead
    WL 35# KBs 1??
    PU 10?, maybe 106
    Sled wt whatever was on at the beginning of 5am, maybe someone knows. This is where we got the .5 🙂

  5. Mark Goff says:

    15 min bike
    10 min row

    metcon with Lance
    Sled push
    100# sand bag
    Yoke over head carry
    72 # farmer carry (no lunges)

  6. L.B. says:

    Did both. Cause we the 8:30 class and we’re a bunch of badass outlaws.

    25min Bike 281 cal

    Strongman stations with the man the myth the legend… Bob Groves. #TeamDCS (do cool shit)

  7. Kimberley says:

    Row for 25:00- around 4800M

    Fun stuff ✔️ Partnered with Morgan
    Didn’t keep count, just worked
    45# sandbag over shoulder
    Sled push with approx 115# in plates
    45# OH carry
    20# KB farmer carry WL

  8. Brett Christensen says:

    1.) Swim:
    400 yds warm-up as 2 × 200
    200 yrs alternating every 25 yds between pull only and kick only
    4 × 100 yds regular swim, left arm only, right arm only, backstroke
    4 × 50 yds w/ :15 rest in 4:47
    2 × 100 yds 1:57/1:44
    400 yds cool down in 9:00 w/out stopping = big win for me today

  9. Bryan A says:

    12 min bike
    13 min row

    Sled push
    80# sand bag
    Yoke over head carry
    Black KB lunges

    Worked with Rob and Wilks

  10. Rob H. says:

    Did 20 minute assault bike for warm up
    Pull ups worked on RMU’S
    Sled. I pushed weight don’t know the amount
    Sand bag =100#
    Over carry= yolk with no weight
    Farmer carry lunge= 70#kbs
    Got some good tips from lucas on BMU cycling reps👍

  11. Monique says:

    25 mins on assault bike 164cal (6.5cal/min)

    Odd object carry – moved the 13# cat around the house


  12. Joy says:

    Biked 25 mins. then

    Odd object work with Cheri (did not keep up w reps. but worked hard and had a freaking good time)

    Sled Push: unsure of weight (my glutes said “yikes” so I think it was enough)
    Sandbag over Shoulder: 60# (I want one of these at home for anger management. this is my new favorite thing in the whole wide world)
    Yoke: carried a yoke! not overhead but on shoulders. 4x (I think)
    KB Farmer’s Carry Walking Lunges: 35# Didn’t get many of these bc my hip was screaming

  13. Matt Z. says:

    5 station work with Justin.
    Subbed Brutus flips/sledge strikes for 2:30 of the pull-up round.

  14. jkb says:

    Odd object work w/ Regina
    Didn’t keep count, just worked.
    Sandbag over shoulder…did the #50? bag till it hurt sunburned shoulders, then #30 WB.
    OH carry 45#
    KB walking lunges …brown KB. Didn’t wear knee sleeves so didn’t go full depth.
    Assorted pull ups: banded, regular, alt grip, RR’s
    Sled push… Woooo..glad this was last.

  15. Nichole Dyer says:

    I was here. Did some fun stuff along with laughing as my quads gave out on sleds. Had 95 lbs on sled, use a 30 lbs ball for over the shoulder, the yoke was a joke on me. Two tiny steps before core lost it. Did some barbell and did some farmer carry with lunges 25 lbs kettle bells due to not knowing I still had legs attached. Biked for 25 minutes to warm up and got some cals burned.

  16. Elisabeth says:

    At home
    1 mile run 11:23 not bad time for pushing toddler in stroller
    25 minutes of work (marked out 25′ best I could in the yard and walked between the lines I marked to keep score)
    40 push ups
    15 wheel barrow pushes (had 35# plate plus the two kids in it so I’m going to guess it’s around 85 to 90#)
    23 25# bag of rice that turned into carrying the toddler as well back and forth 😬
    16 25# plate over head walk was really hard (hope that was a good replacement for the yoke)
    53 walking lunges with 25# plate


  17. Josh Maxwell says:

    Pre WOD 4 mile Run in 36:13
    Immediately followed by
    1000m Swim 1:58/100m
    Immediately followed by
    Moving odd objects with Monty

    Didn’t really keep any track of what we did as far as reps.. just did work

    Moved the sled with 315# from cone to cone and back maybe 3 or 4 times. One time I pushed it with Monty on it too.

    Did 10 or so 100# ball Cleans along with other random sandbags

    Red kb’s for the weighted lunges

    Can’t remember what the yoke had on it

    Got 2 actually pull-ups and I rejoiced

  18. jkeel 43/5'9/180ish says:

    Teamed with Jennie
    Started with the sled (275# I think… maybe more)
    1200′ of sled push
    52 Sandbag Toss (100# for both)
    575′ Yoke carry (unweighted)
    275′ WL (55#/45#)
    139 Pullups

  19. Carolyn says:

    Odd object work:
    97 rr for pu (used way too much leg with this)
    32 sled push (#? That sled was no joke! 1st x)
    76 Ball over shoulder 30#
    25 bb carry (resting on shoulders) 55#
    52 kb walking lunges 20#

  20. […] Teams of 2, AMRAP 5 @ each station Pull-ups, Sled Push, Sandbag/Ball over Shoulder, Yoke/Barbell Overhead Carry, KB Farmer’s Carry Walking Lunges** Compare to August 24, 2017 […]

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