2017 August 31 WOD

Posted: August 30, 2017 in Uncategorized
Meat Head Madness

20 minutes to find 1 rep max Bench Press
Compare to July 15, 2015

“Flight Simulator”

For time
5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5 unbroken Double Unders
Compare to September 8, 2016

  1. Tanya says:

    115 tied PR/125f/120 w/ a little help-tap on bar from Shea

    Up to 50 UB
    Down I encounter probs at 3 levels, 45’s took my wind and breaks became long
    5- 3/3/4/5 sad

  2. L.B. says:

    295 (first time in years under 300, and as a former meathead that is unacceptable. Work to be done.)

    5min EMOM
    2rep pause bench @255

    Flight Simulator : 12:23

  3. Brett Christensen says:

    200 yds warm-up
    2 × 100 yds backstroke
    8 × 50 yds backstroke, rest :15 16:49
    2 × 100 yds alternating between pull only and kick only
    8 × 50 yds, rest :30 12:17
    200 yds alternating between regular swim and backstroke
    200 yds cool down, 4:42

  4. stefgatlin says:

    Bench press – 130# PR
    I think my previous pr was 110#

    Flight simulator
    26:16 – worked up to 40 with no problems then spent 8-9 minutes trying to get the 45 unbroken. I got several big sets but couldn’t hit 45 to save my life. Went back down from 40. Next time I WILL get to 50!

  5. Bobby says:

    BP: 135/155/185/210pr/225f/225 successful with lucas’ helpful tap lol

    Flight simulator: 8:48 Rx – almost 6 min PR – messed up on 20 & 25 ascending… and 30 descending.

  6. Bryan A says:

    135/155/185/195F/190PR Should have gotten the 195 after getting 190 so easy.

    Flight simulator
    12:34 Don’t have DUs yet so used the sticks

  7. Rob H. says:

    300 BP /missed 315.
    Went a lot closer in with my grip this time. Lucas didn’t like my wide grip:/
    Flight simulator
    20:00 time cap
    Got to 30 around 9:00 mark and got stuck. Gotta put some work in here.

  8. Joy says:

    Bench Press: 97# 1 RM pr

    Flight Simulator: (30:26) got thru the 5s & 10s on Dus; could not get past 7 for the 15s so I worked on DUs until the 11-12 min mark then started back at the 5s and did 2 for 1 singles for the entire workout

  9. Wilks says:

    Tuesday’s wod instead
    23/5/0 rx

  10. bigdolan says:

    300# bp
    Best since I was in college and weighed 305. Lol

    Did some dubs

  11. Joe Eds says:

    #200 on Bench PR

    Flight simulator: Got to 15 a couple of times but never got to 20. I did work for the full 20 minutes though.

  12. LA says:

    A day of PRs-
    BP- 250, 15# pr, 255f
    FS dubs, 12min Rx, 3 min pr

  13. Shank says:

    BP = 220
    FS = 13:15 first time for the FS.

  14. The Haggs says:

    Up to 50, no time left to work way back down

    BP 105# PR

    I worked on DUs. Got 30 UB and that’s about as good as it was gonna get:-)

  15. Matt Z. says:

    255 went up well; 265 Fx3
    11:48 – missed 3 or 4 of the bigger sets – poor focus

  16. Joe F. says:

    Bench 300#
    First time to hit 300 in a long time

    Got 25 DUs unbroken a couple of times but now I might not be able to walk tomorrow because my calves are done

  17. Elisabeth says:

    Bench press: 45/65/85/95/105f/100 big pr! Really happy with it 😊
    17:38 penguin taps
    Definitely need to get better at the rhythm and for my left wrist to cooperate and turn at the same time as my right 🙄

  18. Brian Carr says:

    Bench- 345# PR first time maxing, failed at 365#. triceps sore before workout.

  19. Shea says:

    BP: 110# (maybe a PR-maybe a match??)
    Flight simulator: I’ve always thought that if you broke your dubs you had to start over, no matter where you were. So, I did it at 5a taking more time to breathe/reset & went all the way through UB in 14:23. I found out later you could start where you left off so I did it again at 8a in 12:59 (broke at 20 twice). I would’ve thought it would be a lot faster, but oh well.

  20. Jim D says:

    Did partial flight simulator.
    7min time cap due to late night workout.
    Got up through 40 ascending and 3 attempts to get 45 but missed with highest at 43.

    For strength did work on FS 5 sec hold up to 245#, 1RM no hook no foot movement snatch up to 145# and jerk up to 185# (had a little more left in me but tight on time and knew next day strength was try for max C&J).

  21. Monique says:

    All the “activate” movements on the crossover symmetry before class

    Cleans for Strength – got 130# (a 15# PR)

    Flight Simulator – I think I had my arms/hands too close to my body… I got it done in 9:27 which feels way too fast…

    All the eye-level “recovery” movements on the crossover symmetry after class

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