2017 September 14 WOD

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We will be providing an entry level nutrition class this Sunday at 1:30 for our new members. All CFJ members are welcome to attend, but it will be geared toward those brand new to monitoring nutrition and/or those that think they may be doing things wrong, dont know where to start, etc. Should last about an hour and a half with plenty of time for questions.


Spend 15 minutes working on Rope Climbs. If you’re proficient, complete:
6 Reps
rest 1 minute
5 Reps
rest :45
4 Reps
rest :30
3 Reps
rest :15
2 Reps


Odd: :45 Bike for Calories
Even: 5 Push-ups + 10 Squats

  1. Megan P. says:

    Worked on rope climbs for 15 min, didn’t keep count. Did over 10, maybe 15

    Emom 14
    Worked with shea
    About 10-11 bike calories each round

  2. Sabrina says:

    Rope Climbs are my favorite!!

    Didn’t keep up with my calories but Corie and I had a total of 156..
    I think lol

  3. J Guthrie says:

    Completed rope climbs + extra

    Cals: 17/16/15/14/12/13/15 = 102
    Worked with Wilks. We recorded our numbers differently though; he recorded when he got off the bike while I recorded when the bike stopped. So 6 or 7 of my calories probably belong to him. 😛

  4. mlday says:

    Climbed as RX (alternating with James)
    Only took breaks as rx but not sure of time

    Metcon Rx

  5. Mark Goff says:

    Rope climb
    6/5/3/2. 7:08


    Rd 1-4
    10 PU and5 squats
    Rds 5-7
    5 PU – 10 squats


  6. Lucas Holland says:

    No rope climbs
    15 emom – 1 strict mu

    14 min emom
    Odd Cals AAB – 112
    Even – 5 push ups 10 pistols

  7. Brett Christensen says:

    300 yds warm-up
    10 flip turns
    200 yds “fast” 4:10
    4×200 yds w/ 2min rest in between 23:43
    2×100 yds w/ :15 rest in between 4:23
    300 yds cool down

  8. Rob H. says:

    I’m greedy. I did yesterday’s workout “lynne” because I knew I had a PR in me. posted there.

  9. Joy says:

    Rope climbs. Did several. Worked my technique and it’s def improving. Way more efficient.

    EMOM: 52

  10. LA says:

    Worked rope with Wilks
    EMOM- 127 cal bike 18/18/18/18/17/18/20

  11. L.B. says:

    Rope climbs Rx in 6:23 total time

    EMOM – 110 cals

  12. Bobby says:

    1.) Rope Climbs: all reps done in about 14:00 – done in format as Rx – 1st couple reps of each set done legless – most of the rest done on short rope.

    2.) EMOM: 116 Rx – 19/15/16/17/15/15/19

  13. Matt Z. says:

    20 rope climbs 13 minutes
    116 bike cals

  14. Tanya says:

    12:50 climbs/rest as rx’d
    Shared ropes some, but about as fast as I wanted anyway

    79 cals

  15. Carolyn says:

    Worked on getting the hang of how to actually DO a rope climb.
    EMOM: 59

  16. Heather Rainey says:

    *first rope climb attempt*
    (Got 3 stretches up; a little more than half way)

    Metcon : 48 cal total

  17. stefgatlin says:

    Rope climbs – 9:23 Rx

    EMOM – 76 cals

  18. Cara says:

    Rope climbs in 9:09 – These felt great today! Only waited once for the rope, All the rest time was pretty accurate!

    EMOM: 86 calories
    Perfect negative down on the push-ups, but roll-ups.

  19. Elisabeth says:

    Got half way up the rope! Need to work on technique so I can regrip with my feet

    65 cal on bike

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