2018 February 15 WOD

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Every :90 Seconds x 5 Rounds:
7 Toes to Bar
7 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)


On a running clock,
20 minutes to establish 1 rep max Bench Press
10 minutes to establish 1 rep max Pull-up
10 minutes to complete either: 500m Row for time or 1 minute Bike for Calories

  1. The Haggs says:

    BP 185#
    Worked on PUs
    1 min bike for cals 21

    BP 110# PR
    Worked on strict pull ups (little blue band)
    1 min bike for cals 14

  2. L.B. says:

    325/117/44.5 cal

  3. Brett Beckham says:

    BP #225, failed at #235 and then #230
    Got nose/eye level with #53 kettlebell
    1 min bike for 26 cal

  4. Bobby says:

    :90 EMOM: done ✅Rx – unbroken

    BP: 135/185/205/225pr/245f/235pr!

    WPU: 53/72/92/102 – not a PR

    1 min bike: 51 cals – PR

  5. Rob H. says:

    Shoulders were smoked so decided not to bench or Max weight pullup.
    Worked on some skillz with wilks.
    3×10/30#WB @12FT target
    RMU work focused on keeping feet together
    T2B for time 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
    Did do 500m row for time. 125.7(PR by 3 sec)

  6. Joy says:

    Warm up: T2B: all unbroken swings
    Box: 20″

    Bench press: couldn’t get past 85# (no pr)
    Pull up: 30# pr!
    Bike 1 min: 17 cals

  7. Mark Goff says:

    Did warm-up rx

    Weighted PU
    45,53,72f,63fx2 (1” away)
    500m row

  8. mike d says:

    warm up rx….. yuck

    300 bp failed 320×2
    no pull-ups, shoulder sore

    40 cal ab in minute

  9. Jennie says:

    430 class
    Confirmation that shoulder shot was a success…PR on bench and weighted pull up today. AND I was able to do T2B pain free for the 1st time in MONTHS.

    All T2B UB, BBJO without extra step
    – :44/:45/:47/:47/:49

    85/105/120/135/140 BP
    35/45/53/63/72 Strict PU
    Loop run bc warm sun and stuff

  10. Sabrina says:

    130 bench press
    22 cal bike

  11. jkeel 43/5'9/180ish says:

    7/7 in :90
    Slowest 0:45 Fastest 0:31

    Bench press
    Weighted PU

    30 cal on bike in :60

  12. Kim says:

    7 legit V-ups/7BOBJ 20”
    Bench press 53#x5/63#x5/73#x5/83# no spotter to try for more😬
    No Pullups
    Front squats 83#x5/93#x5/103#x5

  13. hzrainey says:

    Knees to bar
    20”jump/20”jump/16”jump/16”jump/16”step over
    (6-7…sometimes I lost count and kept forgetting which side to end on 🙄)

    BP: 65×3/75/75/80/85/85/
    87 new PR!
    (Tried 90 twice but failed)

    PU: Kipping w/ green band 3 times + 3 ring rows parallel to ground

    14 cal bike

  14. Bob says:

    Warm-up: done

    Bench: 205 pr/ 225 f
    Weighted pull-up: 72
    1 min max cal bike: 22 cal

  15. Shea says:

    warm up done
    BP:105# not a PR
    20# strict PU
    17 cal on AAB

  16. Cara says:

    Warm-up – Started with burpee box jumps. Only got 5 T2B on the last round.

    BP: 95# I can’t find a previous, but i’m pretty sure this is a pr

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