Nutrition Challenge Winners!

Posted: February 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

Congrats to everyone that worked so hard for those 5 weeks! Everyone did so well and literally every person that checked back in made progress!

I stated in the start that we would have a winner for most body fat percentage lost and most lean muscle gained. I am SO impressed by some of these numbers!

Our body fat % loss winner is BARB with a 7.6% drop!!!

Honorable mention because WOW these numbers are amazing for 5 weeks…SHEA COOPER with 4.8% (PR!), Kimberley with 4.6%, Chelsea Edwards with 4.5%, Kelly Martin with 4.3%, Alaina Graham with 4.2% and also Joe Fortner with 3.8% and 13.5# loss! No muscle wasting for any of these athletes, which is a MAJOR win when cutting body fat!

Our over all pounds of muscle gained winner was Kimberley Goff, followed closely by Kelly Martin! So proud of the hard work these ladies and all of the participants put in to this challenge!

Although I didn’t plan on it in the start of the challenge…2nd place in both categories will be receiving a prize as well!

Congrats to everyone on the progress and lessons learned! You can pick up your prize off the bulletin board on the back of my office door!

  1. mlday says:

    Way to go everyone! Those are really amazing results!

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