2018 March 1 WOD

Posted: February 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Join us at 7PM tonight to watch the live announcement. We’ll take 1 member of each team to go head to head on 18.2 immediately following the announcement to earn your team 10 points instead of 2! Who’s ready to get it out of the way and earn your team some points?!


Pick your movements and treat them as low intensity skill work if you’re completing 18.2 on Friday. If you’re not competing Friday, pick hard movements and push your pace. Goal is to improve efficiency at a movement, mobility that is lacking and just move in prep for 18.2

2 rounds of EMOMx10 with 5 minute rest between

Odd: Movement 1

Even: Movement 2

Feel free to repeat same 2 movements in round 2 or do 2 totally different movements. It’s your day to improve.

  1. The Haggs says:

    The Haggs
    Deck of cards 27:30

  2. L.B. says:

    Odd: Ski Erg
    Even: 7 100# sandbag clean

    EMOM 2
    Odd: Bike
    Even: 15 GHD

  3. Bryan A says:

    EMOM 1
    Odd: Double Unders
    Even: Strict pullups

    EMOM 2:
    Odd: Squat Snatch
    Even: Ring Static Holds

  4. Tanya says:

    Box jump 20” x 10
    Burpee x 10

    Bike 8-10 cal
    KBS 35# x 10

  5. Sara M. says:

    Metcon – Pick your weaknesses & improve your skills

    Odd: Rope climb – practicing technique of getting started on the ascent (mostly 1-2 step/pulls up the rope)
    Even: 45 sec bike

    Rest 5 min

    Odd: 5 unbroken OHS @ 45#
    Even: 10-12 jumping pull-ups

    Super glad to have had this time to work on some specific skills! I’ve only ever been able to do rope climbs with the wrap around technique (which isn’t very efficient). So, today I really worked on the more efficient technique with the help of Coach Shea. With her guidance and encouragement, it FINALLY clicked! She made me get back on the rope after the 2nd EMOMx10 (OHS/pull-ups) was finished. I got to ring the bell up top using the new technique at the end of class… Thanks for the push, Shea!

  6. Joy says:

    Squat snatch 55# & 45#
    WB 14#

    DB Thruster 20#
    DL 95#

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