2018 March 15 WOD

Posted: March 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

Join us for the live announcement tonight!


“Yet another Deck of Cards”
Teams of 2, one always running 200 meters while the other works on the cards. When the runner returns, the athlete working must complete whatever card they turned before going for a run.

Flip over playing cards one at a time.
The suit represents the movement.
Hearts = Burpees
Diamonds = Mountain Climbers (4 for 1)
Spades = Air Squats
Clubs = Sit-ups
The number on the card represents the number of reps.
All face cards are 10 reps.
Aces are 20 reps.

  1. The Haggs says:

    The Haggs

  2. Joy says:

    with Heather 25:17
    I switched Mountain Climbers for lunges towards the end (hip issues)

  3. Rob H. says:

    Snatch worked from 75-155 power Snatch. Missed some squat Snatch attempts with 95-115
    155 felt good.

    Metcon 9:24
    4rds for time
    5 BBJO 30″ Box
    10 wb 20#
    300m row

  4. C.C. says:

    With Graci & Heather: 32:42
    Major UGH on those diamond cards!!!

  5. hzrainey says:

    With Carolyn and Graci!

  6. Tanya says:

    Sat after 18.4
    With Ashley 17:37
    2 for 1 on Mtn Climbers

  7. Shea says:

    21:57? With Lance
    4:1 mtn climbers

  8. kim says:

    @home on Sunday with Laci
    2:1 mtn climbers

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