2018 March 28 WOD

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“U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Adrian Elizalde, 30, of North Bend, Oregon, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), based in Fort Lewis, Washington, died on August 23, 2007, in Baghdad, Iraq, of wounds sustained from an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his parents, Jorge and Teresa Elizalde, sister Rachel, and daughter Sydney Grace.”

Hero – “Adrian”

3 Forward Rolls
5 Wall Walks
7 Toes to Bar
9 Box Jumps (30/24)

  1. The Haggs says:

    24’ Box, everything else RX

    26:40 RX

  2. Mark Goff says:

    3 Forward Rolls
    5 Wall Walks
    7 V-ups (try to keep hands from ripping)
    9 Box Jumps 24”

  3. Joshua G says:

    Well that was… Fun.
    27:24 Rx
    My wall walks didn’t get all the way to the wall. 1 to 1.5 feet out instead.

  4. Monique says:

    I did 5 rounds +1 extra set of T2B. I totally missed that it was a 7r workout…

    Forward tuck roll
    Mix of round the worlds on different height boxes & some wall walks
    T2B attempts I GOT 18 tonight!!!!!
    24” box step ups

  5. Bobby says:

    Adrian: 22:32 Rx – t2b UB

  6. jkeel 43/5'9/180ish says:

    20:23 rx’d
    I did 3 leaping forward rolls over a foam roller in round 5.

  7. Brett Christensen says:

    1.) 25 min at an active recovery conversational pace. 1 round of diving over the foam roller rolls
    2.) 10 min recovery bike
    3.) ROMWOD

  8. hzrainey says:

    3 Forward Rolls (I loved these!)
    5 Wall Walks (got the 1st 5, then each round was only 2-3 followed by halfway walk ups, last couple might have only gotten 1 before 1/2 walk ups)
    7 Toes to Bar (knee ups)
    9 Box Jumps (24”)!!!!

    New PR on the box jumps! Looks like my legs are getting stronger but I’m not progressing well with my arms very well. I’m doing more push-ups at home but I need more improvement!!!!

  9. C. C. says:

    20″ box

  10. Kimberley says:

    Forward rolls ✔️
    Wall walks ✔️
    Knee raises
    20” box steps

  11. stefgatlin says:

    Didn’t get my nose to the wall on wall walks – the rest as prescribed

  12. Cara says:


    Forward rolls
    3 rds of wall walks/1 rd of 360 around the box (dizzy!!)/3 rds of walk hands out to push-up and back up
    24″ step ups

  13. kim says:

    1830 class
    21:02 rx

  14. Shea says:

    Done Rx but I don’t remember the exact time. Thank you for your service Adrian!

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