2018 May 3 WOD

Posted: May 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Teams of 3
12 RFT
400 meter Row
200 meter Weighted Run
Rotate through with one person at each “station” and one person always resting. Everyone rotates at the same time when the slowest station is complete.

  1. L.B. says:

    Wt Brent/Dylan 20#vest
    19:48 Rx

  2. The Haggs says:

    Joe, Andrew and Brett
    Didn’t get a time

    400M run, 200M row X 4 17:04

  3. Tanya says:

    20:33 with Sabrina & Kelly
    48# bag
    quick ROMWOD

  4. Brett Beckham says:

    Completed with Andrew and Joe, I believe we used a #40 bag. Ran the loop then gave half effort to the ROMWOD.

  5. jks says:

    21:50, I think…4th wheel w Blake, Clay & Ryan

  6. Mark Goff says:

    Shea’s awesome warm-up

    Partnered with Dan and Lance
    87# bag

  7. Dan S says:

    18:38 with Mark & Lance, 87# bag

  8. bigdolan says:

    Me, rob, Wilks
    20# vest for whole thing

  9. Joy says:

    8 RFT: With Denise 26:05
    47.5# sandbag; all runs no walking

    Post wod: Bar muscle up work. Got at least 4!

  10. Jesse G says:

    20:25 with Mark and Scott
    40# bag

  11. Kenny Mack says:

    15:56 w/ Zach
    no weight on runs for me
    partners did both movements then rest 1 min x4

  12. Jennie says:

    Ran a 2 person race with Bethany. 4 rounds of both do both movements and rest 1 minute between rounds for a total of 3 minutes of both resting.
    18:25 I think
    I “ran” with tan bag.

  13. C. C. says:

    22:20 w/ Hank and Cody

  14. Jeff L says:

    2 person with Lanier,
    4 rounds
    16:50, not sure what the bag was

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