Athlete Spotlight: Matt Zerfoss

Posted: May 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

We’re so thankful to have Matt as a part of our team. Hardworking, dedicated, supportive and FIT! Matt has made the Master’s level “regionals” 3 times now and is well on his way to earning a spot at the Games in the next couple of years.
Thanks for being awesome, Matt! We’re making a donation on your behalf to the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

1. Tell us about yourself. Grew up in Jackson. My folks live in Beech Bluff. Attended OHA and USJ. Studied Engineering and Army ROTC at Ole Miss. Met Melissa, my wife there. 6 years active duty as a Combat Engineer Officer. Got out in 2001 before 9/11. Have 2 sons. Nick is 18 and attending UU next year to study Music. Zach (15) is a tech wizard and plans to study IT when he goes to college. Melissa works at USJ as Assistant for the Head of School. She runs their Summer Programs as well. Run Transportation and Customer Service at Pictsweet in Bells now.

2. When did you start CF and what made you start? January 2011. Had been road cycling as only fitness program for 5 years prior and was sick of trying to ride in the cold. Had planned to do CF short-term until it got warm again, but got hooked hard quickly. My bike has gathered dust in the garage ever since.

3. What have you learned since starting CFJ? It’s fun to compete, but it’s really just you against yourself. Everyone has their numbers – times, weights – but if you show up and focus on yourself, you’re bound to improve.

4. What is your proudest CF moment to date? Can’t think of a single moment, but seeing everyone and getting to the gym after work is a daily highlight for me. I can’t wait to move after riding a desk all day. I start to get fidgety in the afternoon just thinking about being able to stretch and move. I really enjoy visiting with everyone at the end of the day.

5. What are your favorite workouts/heroes/girls/lifts/movements? – Amanda – want to get better at that one since muscle ups have been a challenge for so long. Back squat and deadlift.

6. What are your CF goals? Good longevity with excellent quality of life. Want to get better at gymnastics skills. Would like to be able to hold an Iron Cross on the rings for 5 seconds at some point in life. Want to get to the games as a masters athlete at some point.

7. What impact has CFJ had on your life outside of the gym? Huge stress reliever. Improved work capacity. I turn wood chopping and yard raking into for-time events now.

8. What do you enjoy doing besides CF? Anything outdoors – Hunt, fish, hike, camp, mountainbike, music – metal and southern rock/limited country, time with family, reading – though need to do more, Jeeps – wrenching and wheeling rock crawlers, SEC Football.

9. What tip(s) do you have for someone that is brand new or considering starting CF? Work your mobility from the beginning. Don’t kip in pullups until you’ve built some connective tissue strength in your shoulders. Ask a lot of questions. Watch someone like Jayson move through a WOD with solid technique – the 100th rep looks like the first – will keep you from getting injured. Eat enough.


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